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Dec. 22, 2010

FFTC 2009 Annual Report

Table of Contents

Development of Phytoremediation Technology for Reducing Hazardous Chemical Compounds in Food
Health Management of Pathogen-Free Citrus Seedlings for the Rehabilitation of the Citrus Industry from Serious Epidemic of HLB and Virus Diseases in Cambodia (Year 1)
Pesticide and Persistent Organic Pollutants (Pops) Residues in the Environments and Their Effects on Food Safety
FFTC Publications and Website on Asian Agriculture
FFTC Work Program for 2010
The 2009 FFTC Personnel
Agricultural and Food Policy Reforms: Addressing Food Security from the Perspectives of Asian Small-Scale Farmers
Development and Adoption of Green Technologies for Sustainable Agriculture
Strengthening the Agricultural Biotechnology Capacity of Southeast Asian Countries
Rapid Bioassay of Pesticide Residues (RBPR) on Fruits and Vegetables for Market Inspection and Farm Education
Sustainable Management and Utilization of Forage Resources
F1 Hybrid Corn Production in Caraga Region, Philippines
Health Management of Pathogen-Free Citrus Orchards

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