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May. 05, 2022

FFTC 2021 Annual Report

Highlights of FFTC’s major accomplishments and activities for 2021, and a summary of the Center’s projects for 2022 are now available online at the FFTC website. As the COVID-19 pandemic continued to disrupt lives, travels, businesses and supply chains in 2021, the FFTC management adjusted its work activities to cope with the challenging times. It switched all its activities to online mode. The Center held 11 online workshops, the greatest number of workshops in the Center’s history. It was also the year when it conducted its 50th Anniversary and Symposium and implemented the network projects on “FFTC Agricultural Policy Platform,” “Enhancing International Collaboration on Tropical Fruit Value Chain for Global Markets,” etc. Read all about it and so much more in the online version of FFTC’s 2021 Annual Report.

Table of Contents

Summary of 2021 work program
2021 Project 01: FFTC 50th anniversary and symposium
2021 Project 02: Adaptation and adoption of agricultural sensors technology and smart supply chain to support smallholders farmers
2021 Project 03: Digital agricultural transformation in the Asian Pacific Region
2021 Project 04: Application of IoT, blockchain and e-commerce in enhancing agri-food supply chains
2021 Project 05: Best practices and approaches on agricultural extension modalities
2021 Project 06: Innovation and application of animal vaccines and health-promotion feed additives for antibiotic free-era in livestock industry
2021 Project 07: Monitoring and early warning of plant pest and disease epidemics in response to climate change
2021 Project 08: Proficiency testing of soil/plant analysis and workshop on data interpretation and fertilization recommendation
2021 Project 09: Fostering sustainable management of banana diseases in Asia
2021 Project 10: The way to smart agriculture value chain for small-scale farmers – policies and challenges (2021 FFTC-AP forum)
2021 Project 11: FFTC 2021 DFNet workshop – global/local GAP certification to enhance market opportunities – challenges and strategies
2021 Network 01: FFTC Agricultural Policy Platform (FFTC-AP) (Year 9)
2021 Network 02: Proficiency testing program of soil, plant tissue, and fertilizer analysis
2021 Network 03: Enhancing international cooperation on tropical fruit value chains for global market (Year 4)
2021 Network 04: FFTC Knowledge management (KM) system
FFTC publications and regular website on Asian agriculture
Other activities
2022 Project 01: Climate change and food system – synergies of adaptation and mitigation, and climate information for sustainable and climate-resilient agriculture
2022 Project 02: Innovation and networking of sugarcane research for future sugarcane industry in the Asian and Pacific Region
2022 Project 03: Role of healthy soil-plant interactions towards achieving resilient agriculture in the Asian and Pacific Region
2022 Project 04: Establishment of an intelligent production system for seeds and seedlings
2022 Project 05: Intelligent production of livestock industry and aquaculture
2022 Project 06: Circular agriculture for sustainable and healthy diets – perspectives and policy implications in the Asian and Pacific Region
2022 Project 07: Enhancing international cooperation on tropical fruit value chains for global markets – DFNet II: e-commerce workshop
2022 Project 08: GCTF workshop on the challenges and strategies for the industrialization of smart agriculture
2022 Project 09: Strengthening Asia-Pacific information platform on agricultural policy
2022 Project 11: 2022 Proficiency testing program of soil, plant tissue and fertilizer analysis
2022 Project 11: Enhancing international cooperation on tropical fruit value chains for global markets
2022 Project 12: Knowledge management system
2022 Meeting: The 26th TAC meeting
The 2021 FFTC management

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