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May. 05, 2021

FFTC 2020 Annual Report

Highlights of FFTC’s major accomplishments and activities for 2020, and a summary of the Center’s projects for 2021 are now available online at the FFTC website. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic and international travel restrictions, four of the Center’s 11 projects for 2020 have been postponed. While face-to-face workshops and seminars took a backseat for the time being, the FFTC management has adapted the videoconference mode in the conduct of its activities, with two conferences done both onsite and online. For a broader reach, we also livestreamed most of our conferences for the year via Facebook. The 2020 Annual Report also features the Center’s regular program comprising the production of its publications and the continuous operation of various websites on Asian agriculture, plus other activities which FFTC embarked on last year.

Table of Contents

Summary of 2020 work program
Major partners of FFTC programs in 2020
2020 PROJECT 2: The 25th Meeting of FFTC Technical Advisory Committee (TAC)
2020 PROJECT 3: Applicable solutions against rice blast in Asia
2020 PROJECT 4: Smart food value chain - the solution to Asia’s food distribution
2020 PROJECT 5: Crop resilience for adaptation to climate change
2020 PROJECT 7: The practice and benefits of circular agriculture in waste reducing and recycling
2020 PROJECT 8: FFTC 2020 proficiency testing of soil, plant tissue and fertilizer analysis
2020 PROJECT 10: FFTC Agricultural Policy Platform (FFTC-AP) (Year 8)
2020 SPECIAL PROJECT: FFTC-AP agricultural policy forum - sustainable agri-food systems under and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic
2020 PROJECT 11: Enhancing collaborative research network on value chain and control of dragon fruit diseases and pests in Southeast and South Asia (Year 3)
FFTC publications and regular website on Asian agriculture
Other activities
2021 Special Project: FFTC’s 50th anniversary
2021 Project 01: FFTC 50th anniversary symposium: Making agri-food systems sustainable
2021 Project 02: Adaptation and adoption of agricultural sensors technology and smart supply chain to support smallholders farmers
2021 Project 03: Digital agricultural transformation in the Asian Pacific Region
2021 Project 04: Application of IoT, blockchain and e-commerce in enhancing agri-food supply chains
2021 Project 05: Best practices and approaches on agricultural extension modalities
2021 Project 06: Innovation and application of animal vaccines and health-promotion feed additives for antibiotic free-era in livestock industry
2021 Project 07: Monitoring and early warning of plant pest and disease epidemics in response to climate change
2021 Project 08: FFTC 2021 proficiency testing program of soil, plant tissue, and fertilizer analysis
2021 Project 09: Fostering sustainable management of banana diseases in Asia
2021 Project 10: FFTC agricultural policy platform (FFTC-AP) (Year 9)
2021 Project 11: Enhancing international collaboration on tropical fruit value chain for global markets
2020 FFTC management

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