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Aug. 21, 2019

FFTC 2018 Annual Report

Table of Contents

2018 Project 1: The 24th meeting of the FFTC Technical Advisory Committee (TAC)
2018 Project 2: Promoting rice farmer’s market through value-adding activities
2018 Project 3: Strengthening the prevention strategies and early warning systems of agricultural disasters through ICTs
2018 Project 4: Soil and plant tissue analysis: testing methods, QA/QC, data interpretation and application
2018 Project 5: Quality assurance and ISTA accreditation for beginners
2018 Project 6: Fostering increased engagement and capacitating the youth on agri-entrepreneurship
2018 Project 7: Smart use of fertilizers for environmentally friendly agriculture
2018 Project 8: Climate smart agriculture for the small-scale farmers in the Asian and Pacific region
2018 Project 9: FFTC agricultural policy platform (FFTC-AP) (Year 6)
2018 Project 10: Enhancing collaborative research network on the control of dragon fruit diseases and pests in Southeast and South Asia
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Other activities
2019 Project 1: Current trends and perspectives of IoT/AI technologies in livestock industry
2019 Project 2: Developing innovation strategies in the era of data-driven agriculture
2019 PROJECT 3: ICTs for precision agriculture
2019 PROJECT 4: Ecosystem approach to fisheries management
2019 PROJECT 5: Smart agriculture for environmentally and consumer friendly food production
2019 PROJECT 6: Implementing the Satoyama initiative for the benefit of biodiversity and human well-being
2019 PROJECT 7: Enabling capacity in production and application of biopesticides and biofertilizers for soil borne disease control and organic farming
2019 PROJECT 8: FFTC 2019 proficiency testing program of soil, plant tissue and fertilizer analysis
2019 PROJECT 9: Enhancing collaborative research network on the control of dragon fruit pests and diseases in Southeast and South Asia (Year 2)
2019 PROJECT 10: FFTC agricultural policy platform (FFTC-AP) (Year 7)
The 2018 fftc management

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