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Sep. 04, 2007

The FFTC Personnel

The Executive Board is the governing body of the Center, which approves all Center policies, establishes operational procedures and staff regulations, and approves the appointment of the professional staff. It also examines and approves the budget and financial operations of the Center and its annual work program.

  • Executive Board Members
  • Mr. Jia-Chyuan Su
  • Republic of China
  • Mr. Koichi Ito
  • Japan
  • Mr. Seung-Hyun Hwang
  • Republic of Korea
  • Mr. Antonio I. Basilio
  • Republic of the Philippines
  • Mr. Hoang Nhu Ly
  • Vietnam

The Working Group serves as a link between the Executive Board and the Secretariat, and assists the Executive Board in evaluating the activities and proposals of the Center staff.

Working Group Members

  • Dr. Jen-Chyuan Lee
  • Republic of China
  • Mr. David W. T. Chang
  • Republic of China
  • Mr. Hiroake Tomobe
  • Japan
  • Mr. Hai-Kwang Lee
  • Republic of Korea
  • Mr. Roque L. Mamon, Jr.
  • Republic of the Philippines
  • Mr. Pham Manh Hai
  • Vietnam

Staff members of FFTC include both professional and administrative staff. There are a total of 18 staff members, including part-time staff. The professional staff of FFTC are appointed from countries in the Asian and Pacific region. The administrative staff are employed locally.

Staff of FFTC

  • Mr. Sing-Hwa Hu
  • Director
  • Dr. Tokuhiro Momonoki
  • Deputy Director (until April 07)
  • Dr. Hideo Imai
  • Deputy Director (from April 08)
  • Mr. In-Woo Lee
  • Agricultural Economist
  • Ms. Cristina Bejosano-Gloria
  • Information Officer
  • Dr. Te-Yeh Ku
  • Technical Consultant (part-time)
  • Dr. Zueng-Sang Chen
  • Soils Consultant (part-time)
  • Dr. Hong-Ji Su
  • Plant Protection Consultant (part-time)
  • Dr. Tien-Joung Yiu
  • Agronomy Consultant (part-time)
  • Dr. Fu-Hsiung Lin
  • Agronomy Consultant (part-time)
  • Dr. Mike S. Song
  • Administrative Officer
  • Ms. Sharon Wu
  • Accountant
  • Ms. Ellen Chang
  • Cashier/Chinese Typist
  • Ms. Betty Huang
  • Secretary, Technical Section (until June 30)
  • Ms. Claire Fang
  • Secretary, Technical Section
  • Mr. Chung-Hsing Lee
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Ms. Angela Chen
  • Project Staff
  • Mr. Chiu-Wong Huang
  • Driver
  • Mr. Hsien-An Ho
  • Driver

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