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Dec. 24, 2009

FFTC Publications and Website on Asian Agriculture

FFTC Publications

The Center's publication program focuses on the vast and far-reaching potential of timely and relevant scientific and technological information in agriculture in enabling small-scale farmers to achieve improved agricultural productivity, make effective use of natural resources, raise their income, and produce food that is accessible, available and affordable to all. The most recent and relevant agricultural technology and information collected by the Center through its various activities are documented and published in the forms of technical and extension bulletins, book series, newsletters, and a yearly publication on statistical agricultural indices in the region.

Major Agricultural Statistics

The eight issue of this regular annual periodical was published in 2008. It gives an overview of Asian agriculture by showing important agricultural statistics and indicators, including food availability, self-sufficiency rate, and farm size in 21 Asian and Pacific countries. An electronic version of this book is available free of charge on the Center's website (

Improved Dairy and Meat Goat Production for Small-Scale Farmers in Asia

This book is the proceedings of the international seminar on Production increases in meat and dairy goats by incremental improvements in technology and infrastructure for small-scale farmers in Asia held in Bogor, Indonesia on 4-8 August 2008. It contains 11 papers and more than 20 abstracts on advanced technologies and efficient cultural practices in improving goat production in the Asian region.

Food Traceability around the World (Special Chapter on Aquaculture: Asia)

This book, published by the Global Food Traceability Forum (GFTF), is the first in a series that will take a concise yet authoritative look at key aspects of traceability within the food supply chain on an international basis. Volume 1 presents a view of the current status of traceability in a diverse range of countries. A special chapter in this volume entitled Aquaculture: Asia was drawn from the proceedings of the FFTC-sponsored international workshop on the Development and Adoption of Traceability System for Fish and Fish Products in Asia held in Bali, Indonesia on 26-30 November 2007. The chapter includes 12 papers presented during the said workshop discussing key issues and trends in the development and adoption of traceability systems for fish and fish products in the region.

Extension and Technical Bulletins

Extension and technical bulletins are a series of outstanding and relevant papers collected and selected from the various activities of the Center such as seminars and workshops, deemed as useful reference materials on Asian agriculture for scientists and researchers, as well as for policy makers and extension workers. Extension bulletins are practical information for extension purposes, while technical bulletins are recent and advanced research for scientists and researchers. Authors of these papers are participants to the Center's activities from its different member countries in the region, or keynote speakers or resource persons who are distinguished agricultural experts and research managers in the Asian region and beyond. Following is a list of extension and technical bulletins published in 2008:

Extension Bulletins (Eb)

  • EB 604 Integrated Coastal Zone Management with Sustainable Aquaculture
  • - Yoshiaki Matsuda
  • EB 605 The Present and Future of Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) from the Aquaculture Viewpoint
  • - Mi Seon Park
  • EB 606 The Status and Prospects of Coastal Aquaculture in Taiwan
  • - Mao-Sen Su & Wei-Cheng Su
  • EB 607 Australia and Huanglongbing
  • - G.A.C. Beattie
  • EB 608 Huanglongbing (Citrus Greening) in Florida, 2008
  • - Susan Halbert
  • EB 609 Management of Citrus Huanglongbing in the State of São Paulo - Brazil
  • - Silvio A. Lopes
  • EB 610 Monitoring and Management of Irrigation Water Quality in Japan
  • - Yutaka Matsuno
  • EB 611 Establishment and Extension of Information System for Irrigation Water Quality Monitoring and Management
  • - Chih Hung Tan
  • EB 612 Development of Soil Information System and its Application in Korea
  • - S. Young Hong
  • EB 613 Development of Portable Soil Information System and its Future Use in Niigata Prefecture, Japan
  • - Toshimitsu Honma
  • EB 614 An Application of Rural Landscape Information System for Assessment of Alien Plant Species in Paddy Landscape in Japan
  • - Shori Yamamoto & Yoshinobu Kusumoto
  • EB 615 Management of Red Invasive Fire Ants and Fruit Flies: The Taiwan Experience
  • - Ker-Chung Kuo
  • EB 616 Invasive Insects: Problem and Risk Assessment
  • - Atsushi Mochizuki
  • EB 617 Biomass Energy - Status, Opportunities and Challenges in the Asia-Pacific Region
  • - Conrado S. Heruela
  • EB 618 Biomethanol Production from Various Forms of Biomass: Utilization of Forage Grasses, Trees, and Crop Residues
  • - Hitoshi Nakagawa
  • EB 619 Agro-Waste for Cultivation of Edible Mushrooms in Taiwan
  • - Jin-Torng Peng
  • Technical Bulletins (TB)
  • TB 178 Report on Soil Information Systems of the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service
  • - William R. Effland
  • TB 179 Use of Long-term Soil Monitoring Database for Management of Arable Land in Japan
  • - Takeshi Ota

FFTC Website on Asian Agriculture

Over the past 38 years, FFTC as a regional information center in the Asian and Pacific (ASPAC) region has played an immensely important role in collecting, exchanging, and disseminating information on a wide range of modern and practical technologies, covering the full spectrum of small farm needs and activities relevant to the region. Through its various activities like seminars and workshops, training courses and regional surveys, we have accumulated a huge body of knowledge and information on agriculture made possible through the works of hundreds of people from member countries and partner institutions. Disseminated through publications, training courses and demonstration projects, these knowledge and information have given countless resource-poor farmers and extension specialists in the region new opportunities and new solutions to their problems.

Seven years ago, the Center made available free-of-charge on its website the full text of all its publications in the last 20 years. Since then, the FFTC website and database has become an important information resource on Asian agriculture, particularly for the national extension systems in the region. The growing use of the FFTC website/publication database gave a larger number of people access to the Center's technical and practical information on sustainable agriculture.

The FFTC website recently underwent major redesign/renovation to upgrade its underlying technology and be able to deliver all the functionality required to fully expand its technology dissemination to the widest number of clients possible.

By the end of 2008, the website registered an impressive performance with a total of 11 million hits. Requests were mostly from scientists, researchers, students and extension workers not only in the ASPAC region but in countries all over the world.

We welcome everyone to this much improved, more user-friendly FFTC website, redesigned and renovated to enhance the Center's technology transfer mission, facilitate interaction and networking among partner institutions within the region, and make possible a more cost-effective way of disseminating practical information to the end-users of information.

For further information, contact:

Ms. Cristina P. Bejosano, FFTC Information Officer

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