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Jul. 01, 2020

FFTC: Recollections and memories - Zueng-Sang Chen, Former Consultant, FFTC

FFTC: Recollections and memories - Zueng-Sang Chen, Former Consultant, FFTC


I was invited as the soil and fertilizer specialist of FFTC starting from 1996 until 2016. I worked at FFTC for 20 years. I thank the recommendation of Dr. William Tai-Fua Chiu and approved by Director Dr. Torng-Chuang Wu in 1996. Every year I almost organized one workshop related to soils and fertilizers to be held in this region. The major issues or fields of workshops were approved by FFTC included (1) fertilizer application techniques based on soil testing and leaf analysis of crops during 1996-2005; (2) soil management and soil and environmental quality during 2000-2010; (3) sustainable soil management strategy and soil information system during 2005-2015; and (4) soil pollution, food safety and health risk assessment during 2010-2020. That means the sustainable soil management and maintainance of soil and environmental quality are more important hot issues to be transferred to the farmers and policy makers after 2000s than before.

I have edited three books in cooperation with FFTC information officer Ms. Bay-Petersen Jan and Ms. Claire Fang including (1) management of slopelands in the Asia-Pacific Region in 2000, (2) micronutrient deficiencies of crops in Asia in 2001, and (3) compost production: A manual for Asia farmers in 2005. These experiences are very memorable for me because I was able to communicate with many experts and scholars in the Asian and Pacific Region and extend the technologies to small-scale farmers of this region. I am also extending my thanks to three information officers, Ms. Bay-Petersen Jan, Ms. Cristina Bejosano and Mr. Ronald G. Mangubat, who helped me polish the English edition on the Proceedings and final report of many workshops and also on the technical and extension bulletins of FFTC.    

I remember Deputy Director Dr. Hideo Imai and Dr. Momonoki always discussed with me many issues on the contents of different topics related to the soil and fertilizers for the Asian farmers. Dr. Imai had a great contribution to FFTC on the evaluation and creation of every 5-year projects for the TAC meeting and to be followed by the FFTC specialists. Dr. Momonoki had a great contribution on the two-page leaflet on selected innovative technologies to be translated into different local languages for the Asian-Pacific Region farmers.

Zueng-Sang Chen, Ph.D.
Former Consultant (1996- 2016), FFTC

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