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Jul. 01, 2020

Sidebar story: Rice farming and value adding activities

Sidebar story: Rice farming and value adding activities

On June 6-8, 2018, Cambodian speaker Ms. Heng Sola Stakeholder Liaison Manager, Cambodian Agriculture Value Chain Program (CAVAC), presented a paper entitled "Overview of the Cambodian Rice Market Challenges and the Way Forward."

I was happy to be invited by the faculty members of Kasetsart University (KU) and the management of the Food and Fertilizer Technology Center (FFTC) to write a paper and be a speaker at the international seminar on “Promoting Rice Farmers’ Market through value-adding Activities” in Bangkok, Thailand on 5-9 June 2018.

The said international seminar is an excellent event with 2-days presentation with 1-day study trip. There I met 14 speakers from 11 countries of the Asian and Pacific Region. In addition, I had the chance to know more people who attended the seminar from other universities, government officials, private companies and other organizations. For me, it was a fantastic opportunity to learn from other speakers about the overview of rice sector in their respective countries, how the rice sector evolved over the years, their respective policies, especially where it concerns about the rice value chain, the development of specialty products from rice, the vision for the rice market and how other countries see the rice sector’s future in Asia. All the information I got from the seminar is very useful in my professional work. At the same time, I am also happy to share the development of our rice sector in Cambodia to all participants in the said seminar.

Another fantastic experience that I got from the seminar is our visit to the CP mill in Ayutthaya where I saw how a modern and hi-tech rice mill operates to supply milled rice to both the domestic and international markets. It is an excellent study tour in the premise where the deputy director of CP mill explained all the processes that they do to operate the mill from working with farmers until selling to their high quality products to the customers.

I felt that this seminar gave me an opportunity to know FFTC, its staff, the staff of the Faculty of Economics of KU, speakers and other participants. In a so short a time, I became close to a lot of people from different races and backgrounds. I would therefore like to express my sincere thanks to KU and FFTC for organizing this great international seminar which to me, is really an experience of a lifetime.

Heng Sola
Stakeholder Liaison Manager
Cambodian Agriculture Value Chain Program (CAVAC)

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