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Jun. 23, 2020

Messages: Minister Chi-Chung Chen, Council of Agriculture (COA), Taiwan

Messages: Minister Chi-Chung Chen, Council of Agriculture (COA), Taiwan


I  offer my heartfelt congratulations to the Food and Fertilizer Technology Center (FFTC) for the Asian and Pacific Region on the occasion of its 50th anniversary. The Council of Agriculture as well as its predecessors has always been a staunch supporter of the Center in its pursuit of empowering the farmer through science and information. As a host country, Taiwan has been witness to the long series of successes it has achieved over the decades.

The FFTC’s contributions to the development of Asian agriculture are truly remarkable. The one that has left the deepest impression on me over the years is the Rapid Bioassay of Pesticide Residues (RBPR) program, which is a series of training courses on chemical analysis to monitor pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables. Also particularly worthy of mention is that long before the term smart agriculture was coined and used, the FFTC had already been conducting several workshops and seminars on intelligent ways to make farming easier and more productive. These and other great efforts by the FFTC have benefited farmers substantially in reducing production costs, and helped its member countries build a better, healthier, and more sustainable agriculture for future generations.

Because of the ever changing agricultural landscape in the Asian and Pacific Region, the FFTC has expanded its scope and tackled more daunting tasks in such fields as climate change, food security, productivity, the aging population and lately, agricultural policies. We at the COA are proud to be an unswerving partner in all the Center’s worthy undertakings.

As the region faces more challenges for the agriculture sector, the FFTC’s role becomes even more important. It has to be more creative in meeting  the challenges of information collection and dissemination and we at the COA will continue to be supportive of its endeavors to increase its relevance.

May I wish the Center continued success in fulfilling its mandate in the years to come.

Yours sincerely,

Chi-Chung Chen, Ph.D.
Council of Agriculture (COA)

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