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Feb. 05, 2020

2019 ends with 104 th Executive Board Meeting

The year 2019 has been a busy year for FFTC in which the management rose up to the challenge of improving the quality of its workshops and websites. As recommended by the TAC members, the management also put in a lot of efforts to be more visible by being active in social media, attending agricultural events and engaging in other activities like visiting farmers, meeting with people from the private sector and government agencies, giving talks and lectures, attending international agricultural exhibitions and conferences. These activities created new opportunities for partnership and increased the Center’s visibility. Last December 11, 2019, the FFTC management, headed by its Director and Deputy Director presented to its Executive Board its main achievements for 2019.

The 104th Executive Board Meeting was held last December 11 at the Shangrila’s Far Eastern Hotel Plaza. From L to R: Mr. Soon-Chang Hong, Deputy Representative, Korean Mission in Taipei; Mr. Angelito Banayo, Chairman and Representative, Manila Economic and Cultural Office; Dr. Junne-Jih Chen, Deputy Minister, Council of Agriculture, Taiwan; Mr. Nguyen Anh Dung, Representative, Vietnam Economic and Cultural Office in Taipei; Mr. Noboyuki Shikasho, Director for Economic Section, Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association; Ms. Irene Joan Tan, Development Cooperation Officer, Manila Economic and Cultural Office; and Mr. Albert Wen, Chief of Sections for International Organizations.

MOAs and MOUs
Dr. Kuo-Ching Lin first explained the Business Report which he said is divided into two parts: the first is a review of FFTC’s activities, achievements and future challenges. The second part is a more detailed description of the Center’s performance including creating new opportunities for partnerships, other activities, courtesy visits, speeches and lectures, signing of MOAs and MOUs, personal affairs, etc.

The other attendees of the 104th Executive Board meeting are from L to R: Mr. Kun-Chang Tsai, Associate Researcher, FFTC; Ms. Pemikar Lusananon, Chief of Economic Section, Thailand Trade and Economic Office; Ms. Sharon Ho, President, Malaysian Friendship and Trade Center; Mr. Vo Hong Manh, Chief of Science and Technology Division, Vietnam Economic and Cultural Office; Dr. Atsuro Matsuda, Vice President, National Agriculture and Food Research Organization; Mr. Ronald Mangubat, FFTC Information Officer; Dr. Akira Hasebe, Deputy Director, FFTC; and Dr. Kuo-Ching Lin, Director, FFTC.

2019 projects
On the other hand, Deputy Director Dr. Akira Hasebe presented the highlights of accomplishments and progress report of the Y2019 Work Program. He first made a brief introduction of FFTC, the past and present members of the Executive Board and the Technical Advisory Committee or TAC. He also talked about the 2019 projects which he said are aligned to the FFTC’s Strategic Action Plan for 2019-2020. He also talked about the Center’s Agricultural Policy Platform (which is now on its 7th year) and the research network for dragon fruit.
Below is a summary of the major highlights of the Center’s achievements for the year:

(1) Successfully completed eight international workshop/symposium/training courses. Feedbacks from the co-organizers, speakers and participants were all rated good.
(2) Signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Vietnam Academy of Agricultural Sciences (VAAS) as well as a Memorandum of Agreement with the University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB).
(3) Invited Indonesia to be a member in the Executive Board (EB) of FFTC.
(4) Invited Australia, Malaysia and Thailand to be an observer in the Executive Board (EB) of FFTC.
(5) Invited Australia, Malaysia and Thailand to join the FFTC Working Group.
(6) Strengthened ties with partners including the increase of contacts and interaction and the significant increase of financial support from the co-organizers of workshop/symposium/training courses.
(7) Built up the momentum of the Agricultural Policy Platform to serve the AP community with a significant increase in registered members and a significant increase in the number of hits from users in the AP platform website.
(8) Set up the four groups of researchers, government officials and extension workers of the Center’s Dragon Fruit Network.
(9) Formulated taskforce on FFTC 50th anniversary activities, 2021-2024 Strategic Action Plan and call for 2020 proposal. The taskforce was carried out smoothly and efficiently according to the set up schedule.
(10) Selected and visited 18 major agricultural research institutes and universities to facilitate the drafting of the Strategic Action Plan. After all the visits are finalized a consultation meeting with the leading agricultural experts and research institute administrators was held to discuss the future plan of the Center and the 50th Anniversary Symposium proposal.

Dr. Junne-Jih Chen, Deputy Minister, Council of Agriculture was elected as the Chairman of the Executive Board Meeting in the absence of Dr. Chi-Chung Chen, the COA Minister.

​​​​​​​FFTC Director Dr. Kuo-Ching Lin (standing) welcomes the guests at the dinner party, which the center hosted after the meeting. The others are (from L to R) Ms. Irene Joan Tan, Development Officer, MECO; Dr. Akira Hasebe, FFTC Deputy Director; Dr. Atsuro Matsuda, VP, NARO; and Mr. Mitsuaki Hoshino, Deputy Representative, Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association.

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