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Jul. 31, 2019

FFTC goes on caravan tour around Taiwan’s agricultural organizations

The FFTC management recently started a series of visits, courtesy calls and consultations with heads of different agricultural organizations and agencies in Taiwan as part of its objective to craft a four-year rolling Strategic Action Plan (SAP). Since April 11, when the caravan tour started with a visit to the Council of Agriculture’s Taiwan Livestock Research Institute (TLRI), Dr. Akira Hasebe, Deputy Director of FFTC, who is in charge of drafting the Center’s SAP, has been going on tours from Taipei to Pingtung to also re-introduce FFTC and its current projects and to announce the upcoming celebration of FFTC’s 50th anniversary next year. Taking turns to accompany Dr. Hasebe in his caravan tours are FFTC Director Dr. Kuo-Ching Lin, Information Officer Ronald Mangubat and Assistant Researchers Keziah Wei and Jennifer Lii. In the said visits, open discussions take place between the FFTC management and heads of Taiwan’s agricultural institutes and agencies, with topics mostly focusing on the burning issues in today’s agricultural landscape, most especially those pertaining to what’s happening in the Asian Pacific region.

From April to July, the following agricultural organizations are in the FFTC caravan tour list:

4/11 Taiwan Livestock Research Institute, COA     
4/24 Department of Agricultural Chemistry, NTU 
4/30 Taiwan Animal Health Research Institute, COA
5/15 Taiwan Tea Research and Extension Station, COA
5/21 Taiwan Fisheries Research Institute, COA
5/21 National Taiwan Ocean University
5/23 Academia Sinica
6/05 Taiwan Forestry Research Institute, COA
6/06 Pingtung Agricultural Biotechnology Park, COA
6/17 College of Bio-resources and Agriculture, NTU
6/18 Agricultural Technology Research Institute
7/02 World Vegetable Center
7/07 Miaoli District Agricultural Research and Extension Station, COA
7/12 Taiwan Seed Improvement and Propagation Station, COA
7/15 Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute, COA
7/15 Taiwan Agri Chemicals and Toxic Substances Research Institute

On August 20, a consultation meeting with Taiwan’s agricultural experts has also been scheduled as part of the crafting of the Center’s four-year rolling SAP. 

FFTC team visits the Fisheries Research Institute(FRI) in Keelung and meets its officials led by its Director General, Dr. June-Ru Chen, Chief Secretary, Chern-Te Tseng and three Division Chiefs: Dr. Huey-Jine Chai of the Seafood Technology Division; Dr. Hsin-Ming Yeh, Demersal fishes Division; and Dr. Feng-cheng Wu from Aquaculture Division.

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