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Nov. 03, 2016

The 2015 FFTC Personnel

The 2015 FFTC Personnel

The Executive Board is the governing body of the Center, which approves all Center policies, establishes operational procedures and staff regulations, and approves the appointment of the professional staff. It also examines and approves the budget and financial operations of the Center and its annual work program. 

The Working Group serves as a link between the Executive Board and the Secretariat, and assists the Executive Board in evaluating the activities and proposals of the Center staff.

Staff members of FFTC include both professional and administrative staff. There are a total of 16 staff members, including part-time staff. The professional staff of FFTC are appointed from countries in the Asian and Pacific region. The administrative staff are employed locally.

Executive board members
Dr. Bao-Ji Chen    Taiwan, ROC
Mr. Takashi Hamada    Japan
Mr. Sang Ryul Lee    Republic of Korea
Mr. Antonio I Basilio    Republic of the Philippines
Mr. Tran Duy Hai    Vietnam

Working group members
Mr. Chi-I Sha     Taiwan, ROC
Representative of MOFA    Taiwan, ROC
Mr. Tadayoshi Sueguchi    Japan
Mr. Gung-Huan Chun    Korea
Ms. Catrina L. Naguiat    Republic of the Philippines
Mr. Dao Van Thong     Vietnam

Technical advisory committee
Dr. Kiyotaka Miyashita    Japan
Dr. Masa Iwanaga    Japan
Mr. Jeong-Huan Hwang    Korea
Dr. Yong-Duck Kim    Korea
Dato’ Dr. Sharif Haron    Malaysia
Dr. Reynaldo V. Ebora    Philippines
Mr. Leandro Gazmin    Philippines
Dr. Jen-Pin Chen    Taiwan
Dr. Junne-Jih Chen    Taiwan
Dr. Siree Chaiseri    Thailand
Dr. Trinh Khac Quang    Vietnam
FFTC staff
Dr. Yu-Tsai Huang    Director 
Dr. Takashi Nagai    Deputy director 
Dr. Chan-Ik Chun    Agricultural economist 
Dr. Wantien Tsai    Agricultural specialist 
Mr. Ronald G. Mangubat    Information officer
Dr. George Kuo    Consultant (Biotechnology and Plant
Ms. Joyce Hsu    Sr. Accountant
Mr. Jack Lee    Sr. Administrative assistant
Ms. Claire Fang    Secretary, Technical section
Ms. Ellen Chang    Cashier/receptionist
Mr. Charles Wu    Administrative assistant 
Ms. Carissa Huang    Research assistant

The FFTC management and staff: (standing L to R) Mr. Jack Lee, Sr. Administrative Assistant, Mr. Charles Wu, Administrative Assistant, Ms. Carissa Huang, Research Assistant, Ms. Ellen Chang, Cashier/Receptionist, Ms. Claire Fang, Secretary, Technical Section, Ms. Joyce Hsu, Sr. Accountant. Seated (L to R) Mr. Ronald Mangubat, Information Officer, Dr. Chan-Ik Chun, Agricultural Economist, Dr. Yu-Tsai Huang, Director, Dr. Takashi Nagai, Deputy Director, Dr. George Kuo, Consultant, Dr. Wantien Tsai, Agricultural Specialist

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