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Nov. 03, 2016

FFTC Work Program for 2016

FFTC Work Program for 2016

Seminars and workshops

Apimondia Philippines: 2016 symposium and workshop on indigenous bees
To co-organize the regional (Asian) Apimondia symposium and sponsor two Taiwan experts to participate in this international event which aims to present informative talks on advancements in the field of pollination, bee biology, beekeeping extension and economy and bee product development.

Implementing and improving crop natural disaster insurance program
To have a discussion ground among specialists in order to find a better way to prepare and implement crop natural disaster insurance program 

Grafting to improve fruit vegetable production
To collect and collate plant grafting technology and industrial development status of countries in the Asian Pacific region and demonstrate Taiwan’s grafting technology and successful grafting industries.

The 23rd meeting of the FFTC Technical Advisory Committee
To evaluate the Center’s activities undertaken in the past two years, reflect on the external review report and give advice on the Center’s future activities and suggest potential partners for broader impact activities.

Management and control of important transboundary animal diseases in the Asian Pacific region
To share information on the current epidemic situation research and national or regional control strategies of important transboundary animal diseases (TADs)  in the Asian Pacific region and share experiences in monitoring, surveillance and control measures of TADs

Mitigation of greenhouse gases and adaptation to climate change of livestock production system
To present an overview of the issues related to the influence of climate change to the animal industry and provide a venue for exchange of ideas, techniques and knowledge related to monitoring and measurements of GHG emissions from the animal industry in the Asian Pacific region.

Effective IP protection and commercialization strategies for agricultural innovation
To provide an avenue for researchers in public research institutions and public universities to share their experiences on the process involved in commercializing different innovations and provide the best model of technology commercialization.

Advance breeding methods for stress tolerance in food crops
To exchange information, experiences and prospects on the applications of advanced breeding approaches for the development of stress tolerance and/or resistance in rice, and selected field crops, fruit trees and vegetables.

Integrated disease management of pitaya
To share the up-to-date progress in the understanding of pitaya diseases and pests and development of their control measures and discuss the technical and administrative factors that affect the development and adoption of effective IPM strategies.

Asia Pacific information platform on agricultural policy (Year 4)
To promote communication between countries in the Asia-Pacific region regarding their respective national agricultural policies, this hopefully can contribute to the likely formation of mutually consented policies at the regional level and continue the operations of a database of national agricultural policies and exchange this across different countries.


In 2016, FFTC will partner with the Tainan District Agricultural Research and Extension Station (TDARES) conduct a workshop on grafting to improve fruit vegetable production.

Part of FFTC’s technology transfer agenda is to enhance environmentally-friendly technologies. This is addressed through programs such as mitigating on-site and off-site farm pollution, production of healthy seeds and seedlings, integrated pest management systems and green energy production.

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