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Oct. 28, 2015


Other activities

1. International embryo transfer annual meeting

11-14 January, Reno Nevada, USA

Dr. Takashi Nagai made a poster presentation


2. Annual meeting of Japanese Society of Animal Science

26-29 March, Tsukuba, Japan

Dr. Takashi Nagai delivered a talk on “Building a Successful Career”

3. Asian food and agricultural economics initiatives (AFACI)

General Assembly Meeting, April 22-25, Hanoi, Vietnam

Dr. Chan-Ik Chun attended the General Assembly meeting and MOU signing.


4. Visit to Japan’s various research institutes

15-21 May, Tsukuba and Tokyo, Japan

Director Yu-Tsai Huang and Dr. Takashi Nagai visited NARO, NIAS, NIAES, MAFF-AFFRC and the Norinchikun Research Institute


5. Lecture at Meiji University

Meiji, Japan

28-30 July

Dr. Takashi Nagai delivered his professorial lecture


6. Annual meeting of society of reproduction and development

September, Obihiro, Hokkaido, Japan

Dr. Takashi Nagai organized a workshop on pig production


7. Lecture at Kochi University

2-4 October, Kochi University, Japan

Dr. Takashi Nagai delivered a lecture in the university


8. The 124th regular session on agricultural development and policy

23 October, International Center for Land Policy Studies and Training

Dr. George Kuo delivered a lecture on “International Agricultural Research and Development Systems”


9. 11th Asian reproductive biotechnology society conference

3-5 November, Bangkok, Thailand

Dr. Takashi Nagai attended the said conference


10. International conference on food security and production

04 November

FFTC Director Yu-Tsai Huang delivered the keynote speech entitled “The Challenge of Food and Agriculture in Developing Countries”


11. Rice paddy module development in SWAT 2014

18-21 November, Tokyo University of Agriculture

FFTC sent  Dr. Chiling Chen to attend the joint international workshop


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