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Apr. 07, 2021
Newsletter 211: A bigger and better AP Platform in 2021
Dec. 30, 2020
Newsletter 210: Circular agriculture experts meet
Oct. 27, 2020
Newsletter 209: Dragon fruit industry players target the global markets
Sep. 01, 2005
Newsletter 149:Articles on Title Promoting Scientific Information Exchange to Combat the Whitefly Menace + Extending Production and Marketing Support to Increase Farmers' Income
Jun. 01, 2005
Newsletter 148: Articles on Breaking the Barriers to Small-Farm Mechanization; and Innovative Soil and Water Conservation Technologies for Sustainable Agriculture
Mar. 01, 2005
Newsletter 147:Articles on Extending the Benefits of Banana R&D to Small-Scale Farmers+Growing Chemical-Free Vegetabales+Building Partnerships to Combat Invasive Alien Species
Dec. 01, 2004
Newsletter 146: Articles on the Promise of Organic Farming + Promoting Value-Added, Traditional Food Production in Asia
Sep. 01, 2004
Newsletter 145: Articles on Information Technology and Farm Credit Issues
Jun. 01, 2004
Newsletter 144: Articles on Improving Water Use Efficiency in Asian Agriculture; and the Asian Battle against Emerging Livestock Diseases
Mar. 01, 2004
Newsletter 143: Articles about the Impact of Exotic Pests, Diseases and Weeds on Asian Agriculture; FFTC Training Course on Improved Orchard Management
Dec. 01, 2003
Newsletter 142: Articles about Postharvest Technology for Fruits and Vegetables; Technology for Degraded and Low-Productivity Soils; Measuring the Work Posture of Farmers to Help Them Avoid Occupational Injuries
Sep. 01, 2003
Newsletter 141: Artices about Farmers' Use of Soil Testing Services in Asia; FFTC Practical Technology Leaflets,Including Control of Apple Snail; Microorganisms Which Reduce the Odor of Composting Livestock Manure
Jun. 01, 2003
Newsletter 140: Articles about Citrus Diseases in Tropical Asia, Including Rehabilitation Oif Citrus Orchards; Control of Pests with Mineral Oil Sprays; Quick Field Test for Citrus Tristeza Virus
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