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Nov. 30, 2021
FFTC's 50th Anniversary and Symposium - Making Agri-Food Systems Sustainable
May. 05, 2021
Dragon Fruit - from Production to Market
Apr. 19, 2021
Applicable Solutions against Rice Blast in Asia
Dec. 01, 2005
Compost Production: A Manual for Asian Farmers
Sep. 01, 2003
Citrus Production: A Manual for Asian Farmers
Sep. 01, 2001
Micronutrient Deficiencies of Crops in Asia
Dec. 01, 1999
Low-Cost Livestock Farming Practices: A Manual for Extension Officers and Small-Scale Farmers
Sep. 01, 1998
Crop-Livestock Integration in Slopeland Areas
Dec. 01, 1995
Sustainable Food Production in the Asian and Pacific Region
Oct. 01, 1994
Integrated Management of Paddy and Aquatic Weeds in Asia
Dec. 01, 1992
Breeding Rice for Sustainable Agriculture
Dec. 01, 1992
Sustainable Agriculture for the Asian and Pacific Region
Jan. 01, 1970
Development and Improvement of Value-Added and Functional Food from Fishery Products in Malaysia
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