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2020 FFTC Dragon Fruit Workshop — Dragon Fruit Value Chain for Global Markets
Aug. 05, 2020
2020 FFTC Dragon Fruit Workshop — Dragon Fruit Value Chain for Global Markets
  Date: 22-23 September 2020 Online and Onsite at National Chung Hsing University, Taiwan Dragon fruit production and markets in Asia are fast growing for the past five years. Food and Fertilizer Technology Center for the Asian and Pacific Region (FFTC) is working with its country partners and building a dragon fruit research network (DFNet) to help farmers in the Asian and Pacific Region to develop dragon fruit value chain for global markets. Two dragon fruit workshops highlighting the topics from production to distribution were organized in 2018 and 2019. This year, FFTC, Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute (TARI), Taichung District Agricultural Research and Extension Station (TCDARES), National Chung Hsing University (NCHU) and DFNet are all collaborating to hold the 3rd Dragon Fruit Workshop focusing on dragon fruit value chain for global markets. Experts from the Asian-Pacific region are invited to discuss Dragon fruit imports and exports: practices, challenges and country experiences Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs), quality standards and quarantine requirements for international markets Nutritional and functional traits, value addition, processing properties, and consumer preferences  Successful stories, and public and private partnerships We are cordially inviting all dragon fruit growers, industry players, academics and enthusiasts to join us in this workshop. We sincerely welcome your participation. Join us online or onsite at the National Chung-Hsing University, Taiwan. For workshop information and registration, please click on the link: Registration is free!
FFTC’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic
Jun. 12, 2020
FFTC’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic
Dear FFTC Friends and Partners, The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted and affected practically all industry activities all over the world. We at FFTC have not been spared by the disruptions. Just like all developmental organizations, we are trying our best to cope with the situation and viewing everything as a challenge while making sure that the safety and health of our co-workers are still our top priority. Out of our 11 projects for 2020, we have already postponed one workshop which was originally scheduled in June to next year. For the rest of our activities, we have planned the following contingencies: Our FFTC Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) Meeting will be conducted on July 21, 2020 via videoconference. The FFTC management has requested the use of the videoconference facilities of one of the bureaus of Taiwan's Council of Agriculture - the Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection Quarantine (BAPHIQ), whose management very kindly and willingly allowed us to use their facilities for the three-hour meeting. Together with our TAC members from Taiwan, we will be at the BAPHIQ headquarters, while our other TAC members from Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam will join us online. This September, our “2020 Dragon Fruit Workshop and Steering Committee Meeting—Dragon Fruit Value Chain for Global Market” will also be conducted via videoconference and we are planning to have a live mainstream of the two-day event, half-day of which will be devoted to the conduct of the Dragon Fruit Network’s Steering Committee meeting to formulate its next phase (2021-2023) project proposal. The workshop’s educational trip will be conducted prior to the workshop with the Taiwan participants joining the field exposure. An edited video recording of the field trip will also be shown and discussed during the videoconference. In October, our joint one-day symposium with the National Agriculture and Food Research Organization (NARO) and Kasetsart University (KU) on “Smart Food Value Chain – The Solution to Asia’s Food Distribution,” will also be held online with NARO speakers livestreaming from Tokyo and the other speakers joining in from their respective countries. In November, we are also conducting our joint symposium with the Taiwan Livestock Research Institute, with contributions from the British Office and The Netherlands Office in Taipei on “The Practice and Benefits of Circular Agriculture in Waste Reducing and Recycling.” The event will be held live at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center back to back with the “Asia Agri-Tech Expo and Forum” organized by Informa Markets. It will also be conducted online for participating country representatives who still cannot travel to Taiwan. There will also be an exhibit of research highlights and the latest technologies on circular agriculture featuring crops, livestock, fisheries and forestry. For our other activities, we have a wait-and-see attitude. If the situation in the region gets better, we may have to push through with our original plans. However if the travel ban continues in some countries in the region, we are already preparing our other projects to make that online transition and adapt the videoconference mode as a way to conduct our other activities for the rest of the year. While face-to-face workshops and seminars will have to take a backseat for the time being, we are planning to produce webinars, infomercials, video blogs and produce more publications as alternative activities. We plan to maximize the use of our websites and the social media to disseminate information. Please find the updated “2020 FFTC Projects Schedule” and be guided accordingly. Business goes on as usual for us and you can check our websites and our FFTC Facebook page for updates. For any inquiries, comments or suggestions, you can also send us an email at Thank you very much, good luck on your present and future activities and please keep safe. Very truly yours, SU-SAN CHANG, Ph.D. Director FFTC is already making that online transition and adapting the videoconference mode in conducting its activities. Educational trips conducted in Taiwan will be video recorded, edited and will be shown and discussed in the videoconferences. In November, the Center is conducting its joint symposium with the Taiwan Livestock Research Institute, with contributions from the British Office and The Netherlands Office in Taipei on “The Practice and Benefits of Circular Agriculture in Waste Reducing and Recycling.”
FFTC Agricultural Policy (FFTC-AP) Platform Call for papers
Apr. 14, 2020
FFTC Agricultural Policy (FFTC-AP) Platform Call for papers
The establishment of the FFTC Agricultural Policy (FFTC-AP) Platform in 2013 is directed toward collecting and disseminating the latest information on agricultural policies from various countries in the Asian and Pacific region, including Australia, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, etc. The information sources include invited and submitted analytic and research papers by agricultural professionals and policy experts mainly in Asia, as well as the latest news from academic and country reports. The main objective of the FFTC-AP Platform is to establish a database of national agricultural policies for sharing and exchanging agricultural policy information across different countries. To date, more than a thousand articles have been published in the Platform under 30 categories. The categories include topics such as Food security and safety, Overview of agricultural policy, Production policy, Smart agriculture, Farmers' welfare and retirement system, Agricultural human resources development, Agricultural science policies and technology development, Agricultural marketing policy, Agricultural e-commerce, Trade liberalization countermeasures, Import regulation and quarantine, Agricultural circular economy, Eco-friendly agriculture (satoyama and satoumi), and Rural development, etc. There are two ways to publish your papers on FFTC-AP Platform (the first one is preferred): 1. Submit manuscripts to contracted partners (please click here for their contact information). 2. Submit manuscripts directly to FFTC. All the manuscripts will be under paper review, which is coordinated by FFTC-AP contracted partners and the FFTC-AP management team. The review process will be normally completed within 14 working days. The authors should then revise their articles, according to reviewers’ comments, and send back to the original contact channel. Once the papers are accepted and published on the FFTC-AP website, certain amount of remuneration will be paid to the author(s). For more information on paper submission, please contact Ms. Natalie Lu via We warmly welcome you to submit agricultural policy related papers (at least 1,500 words) to us. Join us and be part of our team! For more information, please visits FFTC-AP website.
FFTC’s project list for 2020
Mar. 07, 2020
FFTC’s project list for 2020
The FFTC Executive Board, the highest governing body of the Center recently approved 11 projects for this year including one special project event which is the celebration of the Center’s 50th anniversary. Of the 11 projects, four are workshops, three are seminars, two are networks, one is a collection of information, and the other is the 25th TAC meeting. All of the abovementioned projects are linked to the five themes of the Center’s 2019-2020 Strategic Action Plan, with some projects cutting across themes. Below is the Center’s Projects for 2020 which will be updated on this site from time to time. PDF file is available at:
FFTC’s 50th anniversary and symposium postponed to next year
Aug. 05, 2020
FFTC’s 50th anniversary and symposium postponed to next year
  In light of the recent developments regarding the continuous spread of the COVID-19 virus, and the travel restrictions in almost all countries in the region, the Center management has decided to postpone the celebration of FFTC’s 50th Anniversary and Symposium from October 21, 2020 (Wednesday) to October 6, 2021 (Wednesday). The venue will still be at the NTUH International Convention Center in Taipei. For FFTC’s guests, friends and partners, official letters of invitation, as well as other details of the event will be sent to you early next year. The FFTC management would like to thank everyone for their understanding. For any questions or inquiries regarding the above mentioned matter, kindly send us an email at
Dec. 03, 2018
FFTC launches dragon fruit network website
Oct. 16, 2018
Center to hold two important events this October
Sep. 26, 2018
FFTC ties up with TARI re: seminar on ICT and its use in agricultural disasters
Sep. 20, 2018
FFTC and TDARES to hold workshop on smart use of fertilizers
Sep. 19, 2018
Young farmers are the focus of FFTC-PCAARRD-MARDI international workshop in Malaysia
Sep. 10, 2018
NARO, FFTC AND MARCO to hold symposium in Japan on climate smart agriculture
Aug. 28, 2018
Soil and plant lab experts to meet in Taichung in September
Aug. 21, 2018
FFTC, PCAARRD and MARDI join forces to hold workshop on youth and agri-entrepreneurship
Jul. 20, 2018
FFTC and TARI team up for workshop on soil and plant tissue analysis
Jul. 17, 2018
Center all set for the upcoming 24th TAC meeting
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