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FFTC Agricultural Policy (FFTC-AP) Platform Call for papers
Apr. 14, 2020
FFTC Agricultural Policy (FFTC-AP) Platform Call for papers
The establishment of the FFTC Agricultural Policy (FFTC-AP) Platform in 2013 is directed toward collecting and disseminating the latest information on agricultural policies from various countries in the Asian and Pacific region, including Australia, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, etc. The information sources include invited and submitted analytic and research papers by agricultural professionals and policy experts mainly in Asia, as well as the latest news from academic and country reports. The main objective of the FFTC-AP Platform is to establish a database of national agricultural policies for sharing and exchanging agricultural policy information across different countries. To date, more than a thousand articles have been published in the Platform under 30 categories. The categories include topics such as Food security and safety, Overview of agricultural policy, Production policy, Smart agriculture, Farmers' welfare and retirement system, Agricultural human resources development, Agricultural science policies and technology development, Agricultural marketing policy, Agricultural e-commerce, Trade liberalization countermeasures, Import regulation and quarantine, Agricultural circular economy, Eco-friendly agriculture (satoyama and satoumi), and Rural development, etc. There are two ways to publish your papers on FFTC-AP Platform (the first one is preferred): 1. Submit manuscripts to contracted partners (please click here for their contact information). 2. Submit manuscripts directly to FFTC. All the manuscripts will be under paper review, which is coordinated by FFTC-AP contracted partners and the FFTC-AP management team. The review process will be normally completed within 14 working days. The authors should then revise their articles, according to reviewers’ comments, and send back to the original contact channel. Once the papers are accepted and published on the FFTC-AP website, certain amount of remuneration will be paid to the author(s). For more information on paper submission, please contact Ms. Natalie Lu via We warmly welcome you to submit agricultural policy related papers (at least 1,500 words) to us. Join us and be part of our team! For more information, please visits FFTC-AP website.
FFTC’s project list for 2020
Mar. 07, 2020
FFTC’s project list for 2020
The FFTC Executive Board, the highest governing body of the Center recently approved 11 projects for this year including one special project event which is the celebration of the Center’s 50th anniversary. Of the 11 projects, four are workshops, three are seminars, two are networks, one is a collection of information, and the other is the 25th TAC meeting. All of the abovementioned projects are linked to the five themes of the Center’s 2019-2020 Strategic Action Plan, with some projects cutting across themes. Below is the Center’s Projects for 2020 which will be updated on this site from time to time. PDF file is available at:
The Satoyama book is now off the press
Dec. 08, 2020
The Satoyama book is now off the press
  The Center has recently added to its publication list the book entitled “Implementing the Satoyama Initiative for the Benefit of Biodiversity and Human Well-Being,” edited by former FFTC Director Dr. Kuo-Ching Lin and Dr. Kuang-Chung Lee, Associate Professor, National Dong Hwa University. The Satoyama book is a joint project of FFTC and the Hualien District Agricultural Research and Extension Station and Forestry Bureau of the Council of Agriculture (COA), Taiwan, together with the Taiwan Forestry Research Institute, COA, and the International Partnership of Satoyama Initiative (IPSI). The 269-page book encapsulates the articles written by experts from different countries who shared their knowledge and experiences on topics like conserving biodiversity, economic forest plantation, community conserved areas, environmentally friendly agricultural technologies, ecological engineering, etc. Download link: For further information, send us an email at  
FFTC-MARDI book on ICTs for Precision Agriculture now off the press
Nov. 20, 2020
FFTC-MARDI book on ICTs for Precision Agriculture now off the press
  Drones for fertilization, web-based decision support system for rice paddy planting, the use of robotics and other gadgets for rice production—these are just some of the Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) that are discussed by rice scientists in the book entitled “ICTs for Precision Agriculture Focusing on Rice Production in the Asian and Pacific Region.” Published by FFTC and the Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute (MARDI), the book is now off-the press and is also available online at the FFTC website ( The 144-page book, contains 12 papers written by scientists from Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan and Malaysia who were speakers in the recently concluded FFTC-MARDI international symposium on “ICTs for Precision Agriculture” which was held at the MARDI Headquarters on August 5-9, 2019. Edited by FFTC Deputy Director Dr. Akira Hasebe and the late Mr. Zolkafli Bin Aris, Director of the Engineering Research Centre of MARDI, the book has three major sections: 1) Understanding Precision Agriculture; 2) Technology Packages for Precision Agriculture; and 3) Precision Agriculture in Asia. The book also has two Preface messages from FFTC Director Dr. Su-San Chang and MARDI Director General Dr. Mohamad Roff Mohd Noor.
2020 FFTC Policy Forum on “Sustainable Agri-Food Systems Under and Beyond the COVID-19 Pandemic”
Nov. 16, 2020
2020 FFTC Policy Forum on “Sustainable Agri-Food Systems Under and Beyond the COVID-19 Pandemic”
  Date: 1-2 December 2020 Livestream Broadcast via FFTC Facebook Website The COVID-19 pandemic has strongly affected economic activities in agriculture and food sectors, especially challenging the normal operation of the global agricultural value chains. Travel restrictions and social distancing have interfered the management content in smallholder farmers, farm laborers, factory and front-line workers and could have inevitably impeded agro-food distribution, especially worsening the already fragile rural economy in the Asian and Pacific region. In this forum, FFTC intends to invite key stakeholders in agriculture and food systems from the Asian and Pacific Region as well as Germany to share their country responses to COVID-19 and potential agricultural technologies that could help recover and build resilience of food systems for attaining sustainable food security in the Asian and Pacific Region. The proposed objectives are: To share and exchange country specific knowledge and experiences, policy response measures and best practices against the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on the agri-food sector; To strengthen international cooperation toward sustainable and resilient food systems; and To review and identify potential innovative technologies and services for capacity development of smallholder farmers and building resilience of country food systems. We are cordially inviting all stakeholders of the agricultural value chains to join us in this forum. We sincerely welcome your participation. Join us online and we look forward to your valuable comments. For forum information and registration, please click on the link: Registration is free!
Oct. 28, 2016
FFTC signs MOU with MARDI
Sep. 14, 2016
Seminar on Advanced Breeding Methods for Stress-tolerant Food Crops
Jul. 06, 2016
Dragon Fruit Diseases Workshop Announcement for General Public
Apr. 13, 2016
Fruit and vegetable grafting workshop kicks off in May
Apr. 11, 2016
Workshop on Climate Change and Livestock Production Systems
Mar. 31, 2016
FFTC now on Facebook and Twitter!
Mar. 31, 2016
FFTC bids farewell to Dr. Nagai; welcomes new Deputy Director Dr. Takenaka
May. 01, 2015
Training Course in Smart Use of Fertilizers Kicks Off in May
Jul. 25, 2013
Biotech experts meet
Jan. 04, 2007
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