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The 2022 DFNet workshop on e-commerce highlighted the innovations, opportunities and challenges brought by the recent advances of agri-food e-commerce in the tropical fruit value chains
May. 17, 2022
The 2022 DFNet workshop on e-commerce highlighted the innovations, opportunities and challenges brought by the recent advances of agri-food e-commerce in the tropical fruit value chains
Day 1 opening remark The 2022 DFNet workshop “Enhancing International Cooperation on Tropical Fruit Value Chains for Global Market: e-Commerce” was successfully conducted on May 5 and 6, 2022. This workshop was jointly organized by FFTC and Taiwan Agriculture Research Institute (TARI) - Fengshan Tropical Horticultural Experiment Branch, in partnership with the Commerce Development Research Institute (CDRI) and DFNet members. On Day One of the International Forum, 5 speakers from 4 countries (Belgium, Japan, Korea, Taiwan) were invited to present an overview of agri-food e-commerce and its development and challenges from country and business perspectives. Day Two, which was the Farmers’ Workshop, had three invited lecturers and 5 farmers’ representatives from Taiwan who exchanged their experiences in developing, operating, and participating in and training on agri-food e-commerce. The farmers’ panel discussion highlighted the difficulty of farmers’ time investment in business, the necessity of adapting their package and sale channels according to the fast changes of the environment and fast-evolving consumers’ shopping behavior.  Day 1 group photo This workshop highlighted and presented the innovations, opportunities and challenges brought by the recent advances of agri-food e-commerce in the tropical fruit value chain mainly in Asia, as well as the various e-commerce business models in Taiwan. It has been concluded in this workshop that, through continuous development of e-commerce by the private sector, public-private partnership, and even farmers themselves, they can effectively increase agri-food sales performance, which could contribute to improve rural economics in a direct way. With nearly 300 registrants, the online participants came mainly from Taiwan (23%), Philippines (22%), Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and India. About 24% of those belonged to the private sector. Day 2 farmer panelists Day 2 group photo The 2-day activity was also livestreamed on FFTC’s official Facebook websites (English and Chinese), where simultaneous translation service was provided for the Chinese/English speakers. All the workshop papers and PPT presentations will soon be shared on an open access mode for free on the FFTC official website for dissemination to the general public. For more information, please visit FFTC workshop pages at Livestreamed videos in Chinese: Day 1: Day 2: Livestreamed videos in English Day 1: Day 2:
Apr. 20, 2022
  FFTC Director Dr. Su-San Chang, Deputy Director Dr. Tomonari Watanabe and Agricultural Economist Mr. Kyong Won Lee recently visited the Tainan District Agricultural Research and Extension Station (TNDARES) of the Council of Agriculture. The purpose of this visit was to consult with Director Dr.  Hung -Ying Yang and her fellow researchers on current issues TNDARES and other agricultural organizations are facing in the context of global problems, like food security, the COVID-19 pandemic, and climate change. The issues on labor shortage and the increasing number of ageing farmers, overproduction of rice and promotion of alternative crops (corn and sorghum), improving soil quality and breeding climate-resilient vegetable varieties were mentioned in the discussion.  Every year, TNDARES organizes more than 100 training programs both onsite and online on varied topics like soil analysis and fertilizer recommendation, integrated pest management (IPM), among others.  It also sends specialists to farmers' associations to donduct training courses.  Recently, they launched a horticulture therapy program.  Both organizations hope to pursue a collaboration in the future covering the issues on crop value chain or attracting the young generation to be engaged in agricultural activities.
Center visits TLRI officials
Apr. 18, 2022
Center visits TLRI officials
  The FFTC delegation, including Director Dr. Su-San Chang, Deputy Director Dr. Tomonari Watanabe and Agricultural Economist Mr. Kyong Won Lee, recently visited the Taiwan Livestock Research Institute (TLRI).  In this visit, FFTC and TLRI discussed the current issues of livestock research and plans for future collaboration.  Director Dr. Chang firstly expressed FFTC's gratitude for the TLRI's long term partnership. The TLRI's Director General Dr. Jeng-Fang Huang also appreciated the close collaboration with FFTC. For the past two consecutive years (2020 and 2021), both FFTC and TLRI jointly held two workshops on ''Innovation and Application of Animal Vaccines and Health-Promotion Feed Additives for Antibiotic-Free Era in Livestock Industry" and "The Practice and Benefits of Circular Agriculture in Waste Reducing and Recycling." The purpose of this visit was to consult with TLRI about current issues on livestock research, especially in the light of today’s global problems, such as food security, the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change, etc.  Director General Dr. Huang, Deputy Director General Dr. Churng-Faung Lee and Secretary General Dr. Mei-Ping Cheng mentioned the major issues and challenges faced by the livestock sector. These are reducing GHG emissions, increasing animal feed self-sufficiency, introducing smart/precision livestock farming systems, CPTPP, animal welfare and building up the food chain system from breeders to consumers.  FFTC would like to co-organize an international workshop covering one or more of these challenging issues in the future. 
FFTC renews MOU with VAAS
Apr. 15, 2022
FFTC renews MOU with VAAS
  The Vietnam Academy of Agricultural Sciences (VAAS) has recently renewed the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with FFTC to further strengthen the partnership between both organizations. Under this MOU, the two organizations will continue to promote cooperation in the areas of agriculture through encouraging capacity and institution building. This could be in the form of training courses, programs, workshops, seminars and conferences and facilitating the dissemination of information on scientific, technical and economic matters concerning agriculture. Both organizations could also jointly organize lectures, training courses, conferences, etc.
Courtesy visit to ITA
Mar. 22, 2022
Courtesy visit to ITA
  The FFTC delegation, including Director Dr. Su-San Chang and Deputy Director Dr. Tomonari Watanabe, recently paid a courtesy visit to Mr. Gourangalal Das, Director General of the India-Taipei Association (ITA) and its Deputy Director General Mr. Rishikesh Swaminathan Ravikumar. Although India is not FFTC's member country, the Center often invites Indian expert speakers to share their research on various agricultural issues, such as tropical fruits, rural resource management and rural development. Many participants from India have joined the tropical fruits related workshops held by FFTC's Dragon Fruit Network (DFNet). This year, FFTC is going to collaborate on a tropical fruit project with the Indian Institute of Horticultural Research. Drs. Chang and Watanabe expressed their appreciation to the officers of the India-Taipei Association and hopes that the Center would forge a closer partnership and collaboration with India and its National Agricultural Research Institutes (NARs). Director Dr. Chang and the Indian officials had a keen discussion on FFTC’s past and current projects particularly the 4 network projects and 8 workshop/symposium projects for 2022. All these projects are all aligned with the 5 program themes of the Center’s Strategic Action Plan for 2021-2024. On the other hand, Director General Mr. Das expressed his interest to know how a non-member country like India can collaborate with FFTC. Director Dr. Chang replied that FFTC is a platform and welcomes like-minded partners to join forces with the Center in its task of collecting latest and practical agricultural research and development results and share them with experts and extension workers in the region. Director General Mr. Das said he will convey FFTC’s information on relevant activities to the Agricultural Research Institutes in India. The ITA management is also happy to help the Center in inviting India's agriculture experts to attend FFTC’s activities.
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