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Oct. 28, 2022

FFTC joins MOFA’s 2022 International Organization’s Day

FFTC joins MOFA’s 2022 International Organization’s Day


FFTC joins more than 20 related ministries, institutions and organizations in celebrating the 2022 International Organization’s Day hosted by Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA). Held on October 22 at the Taipei Guest House, the said event has captured the spirit of promoting international participation with its theme: “Stronger Together.” It also echoes the second "Voluntary National Review Report" (VNR) released by Taiwan this year for the implementation of the "United Nations Sustainable Development Goals" (SDGs).

The Center has an exhibit booth display which briefly describes its mission and vision as well as its past and current activities, which are addressing at least 11 of the 17 SDG Goals.

The whole day affair, which was also open to the public, was attended by envoys from 30 countries in Taiwan, and representatives of international and intergovernmental agencies and organizations. It was a chance for the participating organizations to showcase their respective missions and developmental activities to the general public. FFTC Director Dr. Su-San Chang and some of the FFTC management staff graced the occasion and took turns to explain the Center’s activities to its guests and participants.

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