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Jan. 07, 2022

Center announces its 2022 projects schedule

Center announces its 2022 projects schedule


2022 marks another busy year for FFTC as the Center management announces its line-up of projects which include 8 workshops, 4 network projects, one TAC meeting and two regular programs. Approved by the FFTC Executive Board on its 106th Board Meeting on December 7 of last year, the 8 workshops include topics on climate change and food system, innovations on sugarcane research, healthy soil-plant interaction, intelligent production system for seeds and seedlings, livestock industry and aquaculture, circular agriculture for sustainable healthy diets, tropical fruit value chains for global markets and strategies for the industrialization of smart agriculture.

Meanwhile, the Center will continue its 4 network projects on the FFTC Agricultural Policy Platform (AP), the Dragon Fruit (DFNet II), the Proficiency Testing (PT) programs of soil testing and plant analysis and the Knowledge Management (KM) Projects. All 12 Projects as well as the regular projects are aligned to FFTC’s Strategic Action Plan for 2021-2024. Below is the Center’s projects schedule for 2022 which will be updated on this website from time to time.

PDF file download link:

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