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Dec. 28, 2021

FFTC family visits MDARES

FFTC family visits MDARES


The whole FFTC staff and management recently went on an educational trip and visited the Miaoli District Agricultural Research and Extension Station (MDARES) in Western Taiwan. FFTC Director Dr. Su-San Chang and Deputy Director Dr. Tomonari Watanabe led the Center staff in meeting Dr. Hsiu-Ying Lu, Director of MDARES. The group had a first-hand experience in making jellies out of an indigenous jelly fig (Ficus pumila var. awkeotsang), which was demonstrated by Dr. Mei-Chun Lu, Researcher and Chief of the Agricultural Extension Division. Director Hsiu-Ying Lu also toured and guided the group at the Bee Museum and Taiwan Sericulture Museum.

The FFTC staff also went to the Farmers’ Association of Gongguan Township of Miaoli County to learn the major agricultural products and processed products in this area. Later they went to MDARES’s Biological Control Branch where they were briefed by Ms. Pei-Che Chung, Associate Researcher and Branch Chief about their research output utilizing biological agents. They were briefed on the station’s research projects on artificial propagation and rearing of natural enemies for the biological control of Lychee Stinkbug and Diamondback Moth of Cruciferae to further avoid damage to fruit and vegetable yield. Later in the day, the FFTC staff went strawberry picking at a nearby strawberry farm, where several biological control methods have been already introduced.

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