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Nov. 19, 2021

Center holds its 115th Working Group Meeting

Center holds its 115th Working Group Meeting


FFTC held its 115th Meeting of the Working Group (WG) on November 9. Six WG members from Japan, Korea, Philippines, Vietnam and Taiwan attended the meeting, together with observers from Taiwan’s Council of Agriculture (COA), Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), and the Vietnam Economic and Cultural Office (VECO). Mr. Vincent Chia-Rong Lin, Director General of COA’s International Affairs Department was elected as the Chairman of the meeting. FFTC Director Dr. Su-san Chang and Deputy Director Dr. Tomonari Watanabe took turns to present the accomplishments of the Center for 2021, as well as the proposed program and budget for next year. The WG members, who are representatives of FFTC’s partner countries, serve as a link to the Executive Board and the FFTC management. The recommendations of the WG members will be elevated to the Executive Board in another meeting which has been scheduled on December 7.

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