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Oct. 07, 2021

Courtesy call to the Council of Agriculture

Courtesy call to the Council of Agriculture


On September 30, FFTC Director Dr. Su-San Chang and Deputy Director Dr. Tomonari Watanabe paid a courtesy visit to Dr. Chi-Chung Chen, Minister of the Council of Agriculture (COA), Executive Yuan, as well as the chairman of the FFTC Executive Board. This is Dr. Watanabe's first official visit to the Minister after he assumed his duties in May, this year.

In the said visit, Director Chang briefed Minister Chen about the Center’s projects including the upcoming 50th anniversary event, the three networking projects and 11 symposia/workshops, covering topics like smart agriculture, animal vaccines and feed additives for antibiotics-free animal production, agricultural extension modalities, monitoring and early warning of plant pest and disease epidemics in response to climate change, sustainable management of banana diseases, sustainable agri-food system, agricultural policies, etc. Minister Chen lauded Director Chang's excellent leadership, and the Center’s so many accomplishments given its limited staff and resources.

Director Chang and Deputy Director Watanabe also exchanged thoughts on current agricultural issues with Minister Chen, particularly on topics like smart agriculture, climate change, carbon neutrality and circular agriculture—all of which are reflected in FFTC's current Strategic Action Plan.

Minister Chen said the COA and its affiliated institutions will continue to support FFTC in its implementation of projects to promote collaboration with various agricultural agencies and institutions in the Asian and Pacific region.

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