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Sep. 27, 2021

Visit to College of Bioresources and Agriculture, NTU

Visit to College of Bioresources and Agriculture, NTU


On September 13, Director Dr. Su-San Chang and Deputy Director Dr. Tomonari Watanabe visited Prof. Huu-Sheng Lur and Prof. Dar-Yuan Lee, Dean and Deputy Dean of College of Bioresources and Agriculture at the National Taiwan University.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, FFTC’s new Deputy Director Dr. Tomonari Watanabe, who just arrived in Taiwan in April of this year, has not yet had the chance to visit the Center’s cooperative partners after he accepted the appointment. To show the Center’s sincere cooperation Dr, Chang and Dr. Watanabe discussed possible cooperation issues in the future with their potential partners. Also, because Prof. Lee has been FFTC’s consultant in the project on Proficiency Testing of Soil, Plant Tissue, and Fertilizer Analysis since 2018, FFTC wishes to get some future direction suggestions from Prof. Lee. Director Chang sincerely thanked Prof. Lur and Prof. Lee for their long-term support and advice to the Center management. Both sides also exchanged views on possible areas of cooperation in the future.

After the visit, Prof. Lee invited Dr. Watanabe to take a short trip around the NTU premises and introduced him to the Departments and research facilities of the College of Bioresources and Agriculture. He also invited Dr. Watanabe to visit the new Insect Herbarium which is in the Department of Entomology. The short tour was led by Dr. Chi-Wei Tsai, Associate Professor of the Entomology Department and the administrator of Insect Herbarium.

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