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Sep. 16, 2021

FFTC celebrates its 50th Anniversary

FFTC celebrates its 50th Anniversary


Join us online on October 6 as FFTC celebrates its 50th Anniversary. Agricultural experts, researchers, academicians, members of the agri public and private sector in the Asian Pacific region will join the FFTC family in reminiscing and celebrating 50 years of the Center’s existence. Part of the celebration is the holding of a symposium entitled “Making Agri-Food Systems Sustainable.” The said symposium aims to share and exchange current perspectives and challenges on how the region can provide enough food with good quality while at the same time keep the agricultural environment sustainable. The symposium will have two sessions: 1) Sustainable Agri-Food Systems (Food Supply); 2) Nourishing Asia’s Growing Population (Food Consumption) and an Agricultural Policy Forum - Moving towards Sustainable Agri-Food Systems under and beyond COVID-19 Pandemic.

For registration and more information, visit the following link:

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