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Aug. 19, 2021

2021 MARDI-FFTC Workshop

2021 MARDI-FFTC Workshop

MARDI-FFTC MoU Signing Ceremony. Left to right: Drs. Su-San Chang and Tomonari Watanabe, FFTC

The 2021 MARDI-FFTC Workshop on“Application of IoT, Blockchain and E-commerce in Enhancing Agri-Food Supply Chains”was successfully held on August 03, 2021. 

The online workshop was organized by FFTC in partnership with the Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute (MARDI) of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry. The workshop aimed to draw the attention of policymakers, researchers, industry players, and agri-food producers to foster  digital application as a strategy to enhance food value chains and promote its contributions to spur economic growth and improve the quality of life.

Three Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) were highlighted respectively in the workshop sessions: (1) Blockchain to enhance reliability, (2) e-Commerce – marketing strategies, and (3) IoT – Challenges in farmers’ adoption. Eleven experts from seven countries (Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, Korea, Japan, Germany and Indonesia), shared their knowledge and perspectives from the public, private sectors and academics. A panel consisting of the session speakers followed the 11 presentations to discuss how ICTs can enhance agri-food supply chains. Recommendations on capacity development and better adoption of ICTs by smallholder farmers were made. The workshop was concluded by the MARDI Director General and the FFTC Director.

About 600 people registered in the workshop, including participants from Malaysia (208), the Philippines (159), Vietnam (37), Indonesia (34), India (32), Taiwan (31), Myanmar (14), Thailand (9), Bangladesh (8) and other countries.  About 70% belong to the public sector while 30% were from the private sector. The online workshop was mainstreamed live on two platforms—the Cisco Webex platform (max. 200 seats) and the FFTC Facebook Page. The Facebook video stream reached more than 1,220 views in three days. 

The organizers wish to thank all the workshop participants who joined at the Webex meeting room and Facebook Live.

For workshop information, please visit the website:

To watch the workshop video:

MARDI-FFTC MoU Signing Ceremony. Left to right: Dato' Dr. Mohamad Zabawi Abdul Ghani and Mr. Tapsir Serin, MARDI

MARDI-FFTC MoU Signing Ceremony

A panelist consisting of session speakers discussed ICT to enhance agri-food supply chains, chaired by Dr. Manuela Zude-Sasse (up-left)

Group photo after the closing

Group photo after the closing

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