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May. 18, 2021

FFTC management adapts work from home scheme

FFTC management adapts work from home scheme


Center’s work from home scheme extended to June 14
(Updated May 26)

The FFTC management has extended its work from home scheme until June 14 in compliance with the Taiwan government’s restriction measures, which also extended the epidemic alert level 3 nationwide. All official correspondence will be done through email exchanges. Please be guided accordingly.

In compliance with the Taiwan government’s national restriction measures, which recently raised the epidemic alert level for Taipei City and New Taipei City to Level 3, the FFTC management has adapted the work from home scheme starting May 18 up to May 28. We will do all business transactions through email exchanges and office hours will remain from 8:30 am to 5:30pm. Please be guided accordingly.

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