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Apr. 19, 2021

FFTC-JIRCAS book on rice blast now off the press

FFTC-JIRCAS book on rice blast now off the press


“Applicable Solutions against Rice Blast in Asia,” a new book published by FFTC and JIRCAS is now off the press. The book is a compilation of papers written, delivered and presented by 15 speakers from 12 countries during a joint international videoconference of the same title last September 18, 2020 in Tsukuba, Japan, and livestreamed in FFTC’s Facebook page.

With prefaces written by JIRCAS President Dr. Masa Iwanaga and FFTC Director Dr. Su-San Chang, the book focuses on results of extensive research conducted by scientists and rice experts from various Asian countries to explain variations in rice blast and resistance in rice cultivars. The book features among others, several rice blast technologies like the LTH (Lijiangxintuanheigu) monogenic lines as differential variety set to evaluate rice blast fungus race, development of international differential varieties for blast disease, and using partial resistance genes in genetic improvement for resistance of panicle blast, and pathological and genetic diversity of blast isolates in various countries. The book also contains a project report featuring the summary, major recommendations and highlights of the discussions in the said workshop.

All of 225 pages, “Applicable Solutions against Rice Blast in Asia” is edited by JIRCAS’s Yoshimichi Fukuta and Masayasu Kato, and FFTC’s Akira Hasebe and Ray-yu Yang. The book is also available online and can be downloaded at For more information or inquiries about the book, please email us at

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