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Feb. 26, 2021

Center welcomes new agricultural policy specialist

Center welcomes new agricultural policy specialist


FFTC warmly welcomes Korean agricultural policy specialist Mr. Lee Kyong Won as the latest addition to the Center’s growing family. As the new agricultural policy specialist, Mr. Lee will be in charge of the FFTC-Agricultural Policy Platform, which is now on its 9th year. The FFTC-AP collects and disseminates agricultural policy papers and information on agricultural technologies and shares these to stakeholders around the world who are interested in agricultural development and agricultural policy in the Asian Pacific region. Mr. Lee is also going to help in the organization of some of FFTC’s workshops and events including the Center’s 50th anniversary symposium. He will also be the point person in FFTC’s projects and partnerships with representatives of Korea’s agricultural organizations and agencies.

A graduate of agricultural economics from Korea University, Mr. Lee Kyong Won has worked for 30 years in Korea’s National Agricultural Cooperative Federation (NACF), dealing mostly with agricultural economy and other fields of policy research. Major subjects involved are policies/strategies on distribution of agricultural products (especially rice), the Doha Development Agenda (DDA) multilateral negotiations of the World Trade Organization (WTO), farm household income, etc. Before he became a researcher of NACF’s Agricultural Policy Research Team, Mr. Lee was also the Director of Management Research Department of the Nong Hyup Economic Research Institute.Agricultural policy specialist Mr. Lee Kyong Won

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