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Feb. 08, 2021

FFTC’s List of Projects for 2021

FFTC’s List of Projects for 2021

The Center’s Executive Board recently approved 11 projects for 2021. The activities in the projects include nine workshops, three networks and one seminar for our 50th Anniversary Event. Because the ongoing pandemic cannot allow us to hold face-to-face meetings, all of our projects would still be done online with seven of these having onsite counterparts in our home base in Taipei. Also including in our list of activities are the continuation of our Agricultural Policy Platform (now on its 9th year), our project on Enhancing International Collaboration for Tropical Fruit Value Chain for Global Markets (now on its 4th year) and our Proficiency Testing of Soil/Plant Analysis (now on its 4th year).

Below is the Center’s Projects schedule for 2021 which will be updated on this site from time to time.

PDF file download link:

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