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Dec. 07, 2020

FFTC-AP forum tackles building of agri-food system resilience to cope with COVID-19

FFTC-AP forum tackles building of agri-food system resilience to cope with COVID-19


Building resilience in the agriculture community through national policy support and technologies has been the center of discussion in the recently concluded “2020 Agricultural Policy Forum on Sustainable Agri-Food Systems Under and Beyond the COVID-19 Pandemic.” Discussants in the said forum also focused their presentations on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the agri-food sector, regional and country specific policy response measures adopted, sustainability, innovation systems, food assistance programs, and the use of digital and automatic operation system and e-commerce in agriculture, among others.

For two days, agriculture experts from Germany, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore and Taiwan took turns in presenting and discussing ways to cope with the current COVID-19 pandemic, which, as FFTC Director Dr. Su-San Chang pointed out, has led to widespread economic distress and disruption on trade and supply chain in the Asian and Pacific Region, and brought about profound impacts on the region’s food systems, including food security and nutrition, food and livestock production, food safety, food supply chains and other aspects of the agri-food industry. Part of their suggested solution is to build agricultural resilience through smart technologies, broad-based partnerships and national policy support. Highlights of the FFTC Agriculture Policy (AP) Forum, including all the papers presented, can be read and downloaded in the FFTC website.

This year’s FFTC-AP Forum was organized in cooperation with the Rural Economics Society of Taiwan, the National Agricultural Cooperative Federation of South Korea, Korea Rural Economic Institute or KREI, the Taiwanese-German Association for Economic and Social Research or DTG, and the Agricultural Policy Research Center, Agricultural Technology Research Institute or ATRI.

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