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Nov. 20, 2020

FFTC-MARDI book on ICTs for Precision Agriculture now off the press

FFTC-MARDI book on ICTs for Precision Agriculture now off the press


Drones for fertilization, web-based decision support system for rice paddy planting, the use of robotics and other gadgets for rice production—these are just some of the Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) that are discussed by rice scientists in the book entitled “ICTs for Precision Agriculture Focusing on Rice Production in the Asian and Pacific Region.” Published by FFTC and the Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute (MARDI), the book is now off-the press and is also available online at the FFTC website (

The 144-page book, contains 12 papers written by scientists from Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan and Malaysia who were speakers in the recently concluded FFTC-MARDI international symposium on “ICTs for Precision Agriculture” which was held at the MARDI Headquarters on August 5-9, 2019. Edited by FFTC Deputy Director Dr. Akira Hasebe and the late Mr. Zolkafli Bin Aris, Director of the Engineering Research Centre of MARDI, the book has three major sections: 1) Understanding Precision Agriculture; 2) Technology Packages for Precision Agriculture; and 3) Precision Agriculture in Asia. The book also has two Preface messages from FFTC Director Dr. Su-San Chang and MARDI Director General Dr. Mohamad Roff Mohd Noor.

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