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Nov. 13, 2020

Center bids goodbye to Dr. Hasebe

Center bids goodbye to Dr. Hasebe


FFTC Director Dr. Su-san Chang recently hosted a farewell dinner party to its Japanese Deputy Director, Dr. Akira Hasebe, who has retired from the Center. Dr. Hasebe, whose stint with FFTC began on April 9, 2018, has helped in the management and daily operations of FFTC up to his last working day on November 11. The former NARO Vice President has been instrumental in both the technical and administrative management aspects of the Center’s holding of its seminars and workshops. He also spearheaded the crafting of FFTC’s Strategic Action Plan for 2021-2024. At the farewell dinner, friends and colleagues paid tribute and toasted to Dr. Hasebe and his wife and wished them good luck as they embark on a new journey in their life back in Japan.

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