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Nov. 05, 2020

Circular agriculture symposium participants visit Yilan

Circular agriculture symposium participants visit Yilan


Participants of the international symposium on “The Practice and Benefits of Circular Agriculture in Waste Reducing and Recycling” went on an educational trip and visited three areas in Yilan county in Taiwan. These places are good templates of agricultural waste management and recycling. First stop was Yilan Aquaponics, owned by Mr. Chen-Yuan Lu, where through the combination of aquaculture and hydroponic farming he was able to produce non-toxic vegetables and fishes while utilizing wastes and residuals. Second stop was the Toucheng Leisure Farm, a 120 hectare eco-friendly farm owned by Madame Cho, who is an advocate of sustainable agriculture. The family owned leisure farm interlinked the principles of recycling and waste management and started a mission to teach their visitors how to enjoy Nature while taking care of the environment. Third stop was a visit to Kuenjin company, whose main business is selling wood, wood structure engineering, design snd construction. The company is also known for recycling wood rejects and wastes to create value-added products. The international symposium on circular agriculture is a joint project of FFTC and the Taiwan Livestock Research Institute.


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