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Sep. 30, 2020

The 3rd Dragon Fruit Workshop Ended Successfully with 10,000 Views in Three Days

The 3rd Dragon Fruit Workshop Ended Successfully with 10,000 Views in Three Days


FFTC, Taiwan Agriculture Research Institute (TARI), National Chung Hsing University, Taichung District Agricultural Research and Extension Station (DARES) and the Dragon Fruit Research Network (DFNet) held the 3rd Dragon Fruit Workshop and Steering Committee Meeting on 22-23 September 2020 to discuss “Dragon Fruit Value Chain for Global Markets. Because of COVID-19 pandemic, the workshop and steering committee meeting was held both face to face in Taiwan and on line internationally.

On the first day, twelve speakers from Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Taiwan, and Vietnam shared their experiences and perspectives in the dragon fruit industry--from international quality standards, functional values, consumer preferences down to the various successful stories in public-private partnership. The following day, the DFNet members joined the Steering Committee Meeting and discussed a new phase for dragon fruit project that would be more farmer-inclusive, consumer-focused and international experts’ involvements. This was followed by the resumption of DF Workshop program, wherein three dragon fruit farmers Ms. Yui-Chiu Lin, Mr. Chou-Ru Hong, Mr. Ming-Shu Hsieh from Taiwan shared their stories about how they chose to be dragon fruit farmers, how they managed their orchards and the open secrets of their success! The Director of TARI-Fengshan branch, Dr. Wen-Li Lee, responded to farmers’ challenges and suggestions. The dragon fruit breeder, Ms. Pi-Chuan Liu, who is also from TARI-Fengshan, announced a new variety – named “Little Sweety” which has the elite traits from both the most popular red and white varieties in Taiwan. The two-day program ended with a video presentation from Taichung DARES on value addition program demonstrating the dragon fruit processed products and the program which linked the farmers with the processors.

More than 300 people from 33 countries registered in the said workshop. The two-day live video stream via Facebook reached a wide range of people, including 10,100 views and 700 online participants who wrote their comments, and gave a thumbs up rating!

The organizers wish to thank all the workshop participants who joined us onsite and online.

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