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Jul. 10, 2020

Center ties-up with NCHU for 2020 dragon fruit workshop and steering committee meeting

The FFTC management ties up again with the National Chung Hsing University (NCHU) in Taichung to organize the upcoming workshop and steering committee meeting on “Dragon Fruit Value Chain and Global Markets” to be held on 22-23 September. Co-organized by FFTC and the Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute (TARI), the said activity is the first virtual workshop of FFTC and NCHU for this year to be held at NCHU. In the past, FFTC and NCHU had a long history of partnerships and collaborative activities related to agricultural technologies.

Together with Dr. Wen-Li Lee, Director of the Fenghshan Tropical Horticulture Experiment Branch of TARI, and Yu-Hsih Hsieh, Associate Researcher of TARI, the FFTC management, headed by Director Dr. Su-San Chang, Food System and Nutrition Specialist Dr. Ray-yu Yang, Associate Researcher Kun-Chan Tsai and Administrative Officer Charles Wu recently visited NCHU where they met Dr. Fuh-Jyh Jan, Dean and Distinguished Professor, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Dr. Jenn-Wen Huang, Vice President and Distinguished Professor, Dr. Yu-Kun Chen, Chairman and Professor, Department of Plant Pathology, and Dr. Chih-Li Wang, Associate Professor and Director, Agriculture Extension Center. The group talked about the details of the upcoming workshop, which aims to gather dragon fruit experts and enthusiasts and discuss issues concerning the dragon fruit value chain and ways to improve the global markets.

Later, Dr. Su-San Chang gave a two-hour lecture on “Circular Agriculture” to students from NCHU’s College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, as well as members of the private sector who have joined a summer course on the subject. Circular Agriculture is one of FFTC’s big workshop events in collaboration with the Taiwan Livestock Research Institute which is slated on 4-6 November of this year.


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