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May. 08, 2020

FFTC pays courtesy visit to the Australian Office, Taipei


On May 7, FFTC Management, including the Director Dr. Su-San Chang and the Deputy Director Dr. Akira Hasebe, pays a courtesy visit to Mr. Gary Cowan, the Representative of Australian Office, Taipei. Australia is one of the 9 FFTC's founding member countries. Over the 5 decades, FFTC has been dedicated to empowering farmers in the region.

The FFTC Director Dr. Chang introduces FFTC's new strategic action plan, including 5  programmed themes which are in the light of key trends in the region: 1) Increasing productivity by strengthening agricultural R&D and investments; 2) Enhancing food value chains and consumer oriented production; 3) Promoting climate-smart and resilient agriculture; 4) Fostering circular agriculture; and 5) Strengthening resource management and rural development. FFTC wishes to invite Australian participants to join our future activities and share their experiences. The Representative Mr. Cowan appreciates FFTC's endeavor to explore new cooperation opportunities in the region. 

Other people in the meeting include Mr. Paul Salisbury, Deputy Director, Economic and Policy Section and Ms. Rebecca Liu, Senior Research Officer Agriculture.



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