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Mar. 22, 2013

Soil info managers exchange experience

IRRI's principal scientist Dr. Roland Buresh, delivers his keynote lecture on "Nutrient Management Decision Tool for Small-scale Rice and Maize Farmers".
For many years now, Asian soil scientists have been trying to develop a soil information system applicable to the Asia-Pacific region in order to address the age-old problem of nutrient management for small-scale farmers. The so-called Soil Information System-oriented Nutrient Management (SISoNuM) has been regarded as a promising and right path toward the development of the Site Specific Nutrient Management System (SSNM). This concept could be developed by incorporating a variety of new technologies and other ideas into the system.

Recently, invited soil scientists and information managers from eight countries met in the Philippines to exchange experiences and discussed ways of how to design a more holistic approach to soil information databases.

A joint activity of FFTC and the Philippine Council for Agriculture Aquaculture Natural Resources Research and Development, the international seminar entitled "Soil Information System Oriented Nutrient Management for Asian Major Crops" became a healthy exchange of experiences on the development of soil information systems and services from various Asian countries, soil nutrient management approaches and technologies and fertilizer management strategies for carbon and nitrogen sequestration and mitigating nitrogen gas emissions.

To read the full article, go to our publications database and click on Newsletter 178

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