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Feb. 10, 2020

Visiting the cases of smart agriculture application on industry value chain in Taichung

On February 6, Acting Director Dr. Akira Hasebe and Associate Researcher Mr. Kun-Chan Tsai, assisted and accompanied by the Associate Researcher Mr. Wu-Huan Hsu and Project Manager Mr. Chih-Yuan Chang at TARI, investigated and visited the cases of smart agriculture application on industry value chain of which being as candidate sites for the file trip planning for the TAC members and VIPs of FFTC 50th Anniversary Ceremony in the coming April.

They first visited Yumei Farm Ltd., where General Manager Mr. Chuck Lin and other senior officers introduced the electronic traceability production platform, contract farming regulation, as well as modes of farmland technology and management transfer system. Later, they went to tomato demonstrative greenhouse and learned the concepts and practical uses of automatic management of Lora-based smart agriculture system.

The second site was Q-YO Bio-Technology Co. Ltd., and General Manager Mr. Seven Fang greeted us and introduced the R&D advantage and product portfolio of Q-YO in the global mushroom industry under the trend of smart agriculture. Mr. Fang emphasized the concepts of “From Farm to Table” and “Value-added Improvement” by demonstrating the operation of smart control center and management of mushroom production factory to offer a clear picture of mushroom production system and management know-hows.

This coming April 21 to 23, FFTC will hold the 25th meeting of the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), and a 50th Anniversary Ceremony and Memorial Symposium on “Perspective on Sustainability of Agro-Food Systems”, and a follow up field trip. The tentative field trip sites include smart agriculture farm, successful cases of sustainable rural development, and cultural tours.


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