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Mar. 27, 2018

Dragon fruit experts to meet once more in Taiwan

Three years after the international workshop on “Improving Pitaya Production and Marketing” was held in Kaoshiung, Taiwan, dragon fruit experts, mostly coming from the Asian Pacific region, will meet once more to initiate the formation of a collaborative regional network. FFTC, together with the Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute (TARI), have once more joined forces to respond to one of the recommendations of the 2015 Kaoshiung dragon fruit workshop to form a collaborative regional network of people involved in the production and marketing of pitaya or dragon fruit (Hylocerus spp. and Selenicerus spp.)

This time, the workshop entitled “Dragon Fruit Regional Network Initiation” will be held in Taipei city from April 23-24, after which a steering committee meeting will take place at the TARI headquarters in Taichung on April 25. The formation of a regional dragon fruit network was borne out of a vision to have a profitable and dynamic dragon fruit industry to benefit all the stakeholders especially the small-scale farmers in the region. The mission is to provide a mechanism to share and exchange information and undertake collaborative activities to help improve the dragon fruit industry. Aside from FFTC and TARI, Taiwan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), Thailand's Mekong Institute (MI) and the New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food Research (NZIPFR) have also joined to support and organize the said workshop.

Specifically, the objectives of the workshop are to provide technical support along the entire dragon fruit value chain, to develop and improve the capacity activity for both researchers and producers and to facilitate the exchange of information through creation of databases, social media postings, holding of annual meetings, and publication of proceedings.

Around 20 dragon fruit experts from seven countries (New Zealand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand and Cambodia) are expected to attend the said workshop and present the status of dragon fruit production and marketing in their own respective countries. There will also be technical presentations on the latest updates on treating dragon fruit pests and diseases as well as the latest technologies in postharvest handling of the said fruit.

The “Dragon Fruit Regional Network Initiation Workshop” is the first among the 11 major activities of FFTC for this year. 

To register, please click the link below and send the complete registration form by email to


Registration Form:

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As of March 30, 2018 Program is subject to change depending on the availability of speakers.

For further information, please contact Ms. Keziah Wei at


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