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FFTC's 50th Anniversary and Symposium-Making Agri-Food Systems Sustainable
Fifty Years of FFTC
(Oct. 29, 2019) Developing Innovation Strategies in the Era of Data-driven Agriculture
(Oct. 24, 2019) International Symposium on Current trends and perspectives of IoT /AI technologies in livestock industry
(Oct. 1, 2019) Ecosystem approach to fisheries management
(Sep. 17, 2019) International Symposium on Implementing the Satoyama Initiative for the Benefit of Biodiversity and Human Well-being
(Sep. 10, 2019) Dragon Fruit Network: Marketing and the Whole Value Chain” And Steering Committee Meeting
(Aug. 7, 2019) International Symposium on ICTs for Precision Agriculture
(May 28, 2019) International Symposium on Smart Agriculture for Environmentally and Consumer Friendly Food Production
(May 7, 2019) Enabling capacity in production and application of bio-pesticide and bio-fertilizer for soil-borne disease control and organic farming
(Oct. 30, 2018) International Workshop on Smart Use of Fertilizers for Environmentally Friendly Agriculture
(Sep. 12, 2018) Soil and Plant Tissue Analysis: Testing Methods, QA/QC, Data Interpretation and Application
(Jul. 24, 2018) Highlights of The 23rd Meeting of the FFTC TAC
(Jun. 19, 2018) Quality Assurance and ISTA Accreditation for Beginners
(Jun. 6, 2018) Promoting Rice Farmers’ Market through Value-adding Activities
(Apr. 23, 2018) Dragon Fruit Regional Network Initiation Workshop
(Oct. 2, 2017) Seminar on Enhancing Farm Management Efficiency by ICT for Young Farmers
(Sep. 11, 2017) Protected Cultivation of High-Value Crops under Changing Climate Conditions
(Jun. 2, 2017) Seminar on Adopting Smart Beef Cattle Feeding Techniques
(May 23, 2017) Developing Organic Agriculture as New Business Opportunity for Small-scale Farmers
(May. 9, 2017) Developing Knowledge Management in Agriculture for Small-scale Farmers
(Nov. 24, 2016) Highlights of 2016 FFTC-JIRCAS-NARO International Workshop on Advanced Breeding Methods for Developing Stress-tolerant Food Crops
(Oct. 17, 2016) Highlights of 2016 FFTC-MARDI International Workshop on Effective IP Protection and Commercialization Strategies for Agricultural Innovation
(Sep. 4, 2016) Highlights of Regional Workshop on the Control of Dragon Fruit Diseases
(Aug. 22, 2016) Highlights of Seminar on Mitigation of Greenhouse Gases and Adaptation to Climate Change in livestock Production Systems
(Jun 13, 2016) Highlights of the International Seminar on Implementing and Improving Crop Natural Disaster Insurance Program
(May 16, 2016) Highlights of Workshop on Grafting to Improve Fruit-Vegetable Production
(Feb. 1, 2016) Highlights of Symposium and Workshop on Indigenous Bees
(Nov. 10, 2015) Highlights of the Workshop on Risk Management on Agrochemicals through Novel Technologies for Food Safety in Asia
(Sep. 14, 2015) Highlights of the Seminar on Improving Food Marketing Efficiency-the Role of Agricultural Cooperatives
(Sep. 7, 2015) Highlights of the Workshop on Improving Pitaya Production and Marketing
(Aug. 26, 2015) Highlights of the MARCO Symposium 2015 "Next Challenges of Agro- Environmental Research in Monsoon Asia"
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