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AgResearch is an independent research and development company, owned by the New Zealand government. It replaces the former system of government agricultural research. The website presents details of recent research in the biological and life sciences, including biological pest control and a water quality test for algal toxins. On-line issues of the Annual Report and Science Quarterly are available free of charge. There is also free access to AgFacts, a series of fact sheets for farmers which can be searched by topic.

Information resources include position papers about Korean and Asian farmers in relation to WTO, and an introduction to a special Korean agricultural product, Kimchi (including recipe). The introduction to the NACF Agricultural Museum shows implements and household wares used by Korean farm families over thousands of years.

Interesting and informative free on-line agricultural magazine. British, but with an international outlook. It includes news of important events in world agriculture.

Fintrac, a woman-owned and US-based consulting company, develops agricultural solutions to end hunger and poverty. For almost three decades our work has increased rural incomes and strengthened food security across Africa, Asia, and Latin America. We do this by developing interventions to improve market system competitiveness and increase participation of smallholder farmers.

Since 2000, Fintrac has delivered training and technical assistance to nearly 2 million smallholder farmers, leveraged $2 billion in sales, and helped 10 million people, including children, become more food secure.

We retain a team of highly-skilled experts across all technical disciplines and employ local staff who bring vital context-specific knowledge and provide unique insights and analysis.

This website is for growers of small grains in the United States. There is an interesting section "Production and Research Info". It contains a number of production guides (= extension leaflets). It also provides information about the identification and control of many pests, diseases and weeds. There is information about the harvesting and storage of grain, and seed processing.

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