Food and Fertilizer Technology Center - ACTIVITIES

Sep. 01, 2009
Development of Phytoremediation Technology for Reducing Hazardous Chemical Compounds in Food
Aug. 24, 2009
Agricultural and Food Policy Reforms: Addressing Food Security from the Perspectives of Asian Small-Scale Farmers
Aug. 01, 2009
Sustainable Management and Utilization of Forage-based Feed Resources for Small-Scale Livestock Farmers in the ASPAC Region
May. 17, 2009
Rapid Bioassay of Pesticide Residues (RBPR) on Fruits and Vegetables for Market Inspection and Farm Education
Apr. 17, 2009
F1 Hybrid Corn Production in Caraga Region, Philippines
Mar. 19, 2009
Field Demonstration and Health Management of Citrus Pathogen-free Seedlings
Jan. 19, 2009
Health Management of Pathogen-Free Citrus Seedlings for the Rehabilitation of the Citrus Industry from HLB and Virus Diseases
Nov. 24, 2008
Sustainable Production and Utilization of Biomass as Renewable Energy Source in the Asian and Pacific Region
Nov. 10, 2008
Management and Control of Major Emerging Plant Pests in Agriculture in the Asian and Pacific Region
Oct. 13, 2008
A New Approach to Soil Information Systems for Natural Resources Management in Asian Countries
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