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Adoption of Improved Production Materials to Enhance International Marketing Potential of Tropical Fruit


Tropical fruit offer a significant opportunity for agricultural and economic growth for many developing countries in the Asia-Pacific region. They also help fill in the gaps during the low season of fresh fruit supply in the temperate region and are adapted to extreme weather elements caused by climate change. With the recent increased number of bilateral, plurilateral and regional free trade agreements in the Asia-Pacific region, opportunities arise for tropical fruit producers and entrepreneurs to expand the supply of their products to markets within and outside their regions of origin. Opportunities also appear for producers to participate in domestic production and marketing of tropical fruit in the countries other than their own. Nevertheless, the potential of expanding international marketing of tropical fruit has been offset by increasing complex issues of enhancing production efficiency with appropriate varieties, diagnostic tools, structural components, tools, machineries, etc.; quality requirements of imported tropical fruit products; intellectual property rights of improved production materials; quarantine regulations; food safety protocols; the rising cost in production, distribution and compliance programs; etc. To tackle these issues for the advancement of the international marketing potential of tropical fruit, the sound science and technology programs will provide certain solutions. In this regard, however, all initiatives of R&D programs must be evidence- or analysis-based, including forward looking analysis about likely trends and future changes. From the outset, the R&D programs will have to define the needs in each of the key issues, to assess the available materials and methodologies, and to evaluate the feasibility of meeting these needs. Later on, the R&D programs will have to make sure that relevant knowledge and improved technologies generated from these programs are adopted and implemented by the tropical fruit producers and entrepreneurs.



  • To acquire the up-to-date information on the prevailing status of tropical fruit production, processing, marketing, exportation, importation, intellectual property rights (IPRs) of innovation, quarantine regulations, grading and safety standards, etc. in selected countries in the Asia-Pacific region.
  • To collect, analyze and recommend available tropical fruit varieties, production materials and tools, and product safety protocols.
  •  To facilitate evidence-based R&D for expanding international marketing potential of tropical fruit by the partner research institutes.


Expected outputs and outcomes


  • Comprehensive and objective survey report on the current status and analysis of the fruit sector in the Asia-Pacific region produced for the identification of key issues and development of evidence-based R&D programs to further increase international marketing potentials of selected tropical fruit. 
  • Increased production and marketing potentials based on the type and number of promising varieties, production materials and technologies that are adopted by the producers.
  • Strengthened value chain systems of tropical fruit based on: 1) inputs supply entrepreneurs enabled to supply healthy seedlings of improved varieties, improved production materials, disease diagnostic kits, drip irrigation systems, farm equipment, etc.; and 2) outputs service entrepreneurs enabled to process and deliver primary produce and/or processed products to international markets.
  • Absolute and percent changes in terms of producers adopting introduced production materials and technologies, reduced labor requirement, expanded area with adopted production materials and technologies, productivity and profitability of primary and secondary tropical fruit products, etc. 


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