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Recent Progress in Swine Breeding and Raising Technologies


Technological innovation and enhancement are the most important imperatives for raising production efficiency of livestock in Asia. Swine, in particular, is the first target for application of the innovative technologies to improve its growth trait and meat quality, and reproduction efficiency. Recently molecular marker-oriented breeding becomes enormously popular for the selection of various superior traits such as prolific, stress-free, better meat quality, and disease resistance.

Feed and nutrition management is another key factor to increase reproduction efficiency with minimizing disease infection of swine.

Feed and nutrition management is another key factor to increase reproduction efficiency with minimizing disease infection of swine.

With increasing   feed costs, it is difficult to provide swine with balanced diet for increased production efficiency and less-disease occurrence.

Therefore, it is imperative to enhance cost-effective feed formulation in terms of various indigenous and/or locally available low-cost feedstuffs. In addition, it is a matter of urgency to improve feed efficiency of newly formulated feeds.

The proposed seminar aims to share and exchange recent advanced research and practical technologies  on swine breeding and raising technologies in the Asia- Pacific region. This seminar will also serve as a platform for future cooperation and technical exchange among scientists, policy makers, extension specialists, and various stakeholders to ensure safe and high quality production of swine products by Asian small-scale farmers.


  • To share and exchange relevant information on molecular-oriented swine breeding and swine raising technologies;
  • To strengthen and diversify partnerships on livestock researches in the ASPAC region.

Expect outputs

  • Collect and disseminate the latest relevant information on swine breeding and raising technologies;
  • Demonstrate the well-established swine research, farming, and commercial system in the host country;
  •  Establish a networking platform to share and exchange the latest information and technology on swine breeding.

Major findings/recommendations

  1. Collaborate with private interest groups to work on cryopreservation and genebanking, benchmarking and profiling of native pigs and other technical areas in R&D of swine breeding and raising;
  2. Set up collaborative research on conservation, maintenance and increase of swine genetic resources among affiliated countries like the Japan and Vietnam collaboration;
  3. Establish an email network among all the speakers, moderators and organizers in order to continue the exchange of ideas and information on cutting-edge swine reproductive technologies and collaborative research on the conservation, maintenance and increase of swine genetic resources; and
  4. Strategize ways on how to encourage the younger generation to be interested in swine breeding and raising.


PDF    pdf(532.92KB)


International Symposium on  “Recent Progress in Swine Breeding and Raising Technologies” 

Opening   youtube1.jpg

Using Today’s Technology for Breeding Pigs for Tomorrow’s Conditions    pdf(534.99KB)   youtube1.jpg
Dr. Jan ten Napel  

Development of Marbling Pork with Marker-assisted Selection    pdf(578.08KB)   youtube1.jpg
Dr. Satoshi Mikawa 


SNP and Protein Markers for Embryo Development at Early Stage Identified from Functional Genomics in Landrace    pdf(572.41KB)   youtube1.jpg
Dr. En-Chung Lin


Networking System for Marker-assisted Selection in Pigs    pdf(932.38KB)   youtube1.jpg
Dr. Ming-Che Wu 


Lysine and Metabolizable Energy Requirement for Prolific Lactating Sow    pdf(333.24KB)   youtube1.jpg
Dr. Chung-Wen Liao 


Production of Recombinant Pepsin, Pancreatic Lipase and Colipase from Pichia Pastoris as Feed Additive   pdf(721.34KB)   youtube1.jpg
Dr. Fang-Chueh Liu


Advanced Dietary System Without Antibiotics in Korea’s Swine Industry    pdf(705.60KB)   youtube1.jpg
Dr. In-Ho Kim


Managing Pig Health by Biosecurity Practice    pdf(593.56KB)   youtube1.jpg
Dr. Yeou-Liang Lin


Recent Progress in Swine Breeding and Raising Technologies    pdf(867.72KB)   youtube1.jpg

Dr. John Carr 


Pathological Diagnosis on Major Pig Diseases in Taiwan    pdf(1.16MB)   youtube1.jpg
Dr. Shu-Hwae Lee


Promotion of Intramuscular Fat Accumulation in Porcine Muscle by Nutritional Regulation   pdf(520.38KB)   youtube1.jpg
Dr. Masaya Katsumata  


Hog Slaughter and Pork Quality Evaluation    pdf(265.59KB)   youtube1.jpg
Dr. Wen-Shien Chen


Traceability on Pork in Japan    pdf(257.22KB)   youtube1.jpg
Dr. Tadashi Shiota 


Pig Production in Thailand    pdf(662.82KB)   youtube1.jpg
Dr. Wichai Tantasuparuk 


Pig Production and Marketing in Vietnam    pdf(483.69KB)   youtube1.jpg
Dr. Nguyen Manh Dung 


Swine Breeding and Production in Malaysia    pdf(515.93KB)   youtube1.jpg
Dr. Moktir Singh A/L Gardir Singh  


A Dynamic Philippine Swine Industry: Key to Meeting Challenges and Technological Innovations    pdf(412.91KB)   youtube1.jpg
Dr. Antonio J. Barroga  


Pig Production in Indonesia    pdf(669.50KB)   youtube1.jpg
Dr. Ir. Pollung H. Siagian, MS

Introduction of Pig Breeding Auction    youtube1.jpg
Dr. Ming-Che Wu


NARO’s Satellite Symposium on “Cutting-Edge Reproductive Technologies and Perspectives for their Usage in Swine”


Opening   youtube1.jpg

Current Status and Perspectives of Artificial Insemination in Pigs    pdf(363.11KB)   youtube1.jpg
Dr. Heriberto Rodriguez-Martinez 


Cryopreservation of Boar Spermatozoa: The Curious Functions of Seminal Plasma During Freezing or thawing    pdf(709.43KB)   youtube1.jpg
Dr. Tetsuji Okazaki 


In Vitro Growing of Immature Porcine Oocytes    pdf(276.45KB)   youtube1.jpg
Dr. Yuji Hirao


Current Status of Porcine Embryo in Vitro Production    pdf(411.58KB)   youtube1.jpg
Dr. Christopher G. Grupen 


Cryopreservation of in Vitro Produced Embryos and Immature Oocytes in Pigs    pdf(662.47KB)   youtube1.jpg
Dr. Tamas Somfai


Establishment of Practical Embryo Transfer for Fresh or Frozen Embryos in Pigs    pdf(526.45KB)   youtube1.jpg
Dr. Koji Yoshioka


Establishment of ES (Embryonic Stem) Cell Like Cells in Pigs    pdf(809.89KB)   youtube1.jpg
Dr. Seiki Haraguchi


Research and Development of Porcine Embryonic Stem Cells in Taiwan    pdf(420.88KB)   youtube1.jpg 
Dr. Lih-Ren Chen


International Collaboration for Conservation and Utilization of Porcine Genetic Resources    pdf(325.64KB)   youtube1.jpg
Dr. Kazuhiro Kikuchi

Round Table Discussion   youtube1.jpg 

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