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The 19th Meeting of the FFTC Technical Advisory Committee


The functions of the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) are to evaluate the work being done by the Center, discuss project requirements of the Asian and Pacific (ASPAC) region, and provide suggestions intended to increase the efficiency of the Center's annual work program.

The Meeting aims to serve as a venue for the TAC members, who are all distinguished agricultural experts and research managers in the ASPAC region, to be able to provide guidance in instilling the program and policy direction required for the Center to achieve its mandate and efficiently implement its work program.

Description of activities

One of the themes of the meeting is "How to translate the New FFTC Strategic Plan for 2007-2011 into an Implementation Plan," an urgent concern expressed by some TAC members during the 18th TAC Meeting held in June 2006. This is intended to demonstrate how the Strategic Plan is being translated into work programs, based on the projects implemented and/or proposed during the years 2007 and 2008. The TAC members shall review the proposed/implemented projects with special emphasis on: 1) whether the implemented projects are consistent with the Strategic Plan; and 2) whether technologies and information obtained through the projects are relevant to the needs of Asian small-scale farmers.

Another theme of the meeting is "Appraisal of FFTC Project Performance." Under this theme, experts on project appraisal will be invited from international (e.g., ADB) as well as local (e.g., COA, ARI) organizations to introduce their project appraisal schemes, as well as to recommend measures on how to improve FFTC project performance.

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