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Seminar on Water Management Technology for Crop Production Under Climate Change


This seminar is aimed to address the issues related to water management and climate change through the conduct of a seminar. Focus will be on the presentation and dissemination of appropriate technologies and strategies suited to the rice and upland crop production areas of the Asia n r egion. This seminar is also conceptualized to bring together experts and key stakeholders in the r egion to exchange ideas, information, and technologies developed and used to address the threats attributed to climate change; and the adaptive mechanisms so far practiced. S&T-based policies generated and applied by countries within the r egion will be discussed and assessed.


The overall objective of the seminar is the exchange of significant experiences, information and knowledge on improved water management systems towards food security. The seminar will focus on water management technologies and innovations especially for rice and upland crop production systems, institutional capacity development, and policy and institutional mechanisms relevant to the issues on water competition and food security.

The specific objectives of the seminar are:

  • To present promising technologies and approaches that would strategically address appropriate water management for rice and upland crop production, especially under the limitations of climate change.
  • To provide a venue for strategic discussion and enhance the capacity of participants through exchange of ideas/information/innovations that deal with key issues and concerns relevant to water management in rice and upland crop production systems .
  • To share policy and institutional mechanisms that would enable or enhance policy reforms and improved water resource governance amidst climate change.
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