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Field Demonstration and Health Management of Citrus Pathogen-free Seedlings

Citrus Huanglongbing (HLB, greening) and virus (CTV, CTLV and CEVd) diseases are systemic serious diseases which are transmitted mainly through seedlings, and spread by vector insects and mechanical way of tools. These diseases have become commonly epidemic in Asian and Pacific region and spread worldwide in recent decades. These systemic diseases have become a serious constraint for the citrus industry in the ASPAC. The production of pathogen-free citrus seedlings through rapid disease-indexing and shout-tip micrografting techniques, is primarily important for improvement of the current citrus industry. The FFTC projects have been conducted for transferring the above-mentioned techniques to Vietnam and the other south-eastern countries in recent years. The pathogen-free (PF) citrus nursery system and indexing technique have been established in Vietnam under FFTC projects. The field demonstration of PF citrus seedlings has to be implemented for educating citrus growers on new technology in health management of PF citrus trees. The cultivation of PF-citrus seedling can be well-extended to develop citrus industry for preventing prevalence of the systemic diseases, the other important diseases and inset pest by health management. The integrated technology of health management including disease management, IPM, and adequate cultural management of watering, fertilization, pruning and post-harvest handing, have to be followed up for uplifting farmers’ incomes in the future.


This project aims to establish demonstration orchards of pathogen-free citrus seedlings in Vietnam and to teach citrus farmers integrated new techniques of citrus health management including orchard protection and cultivation. Intended as an international collaborative project among FFTC and COA in Taiwan and PPRI and SHRI in Vietnam, specialists and researches will also conduct the epidemiological study on HLB and virus in Vietnam in order to obtain more local scientific information to improve measures and strategies on citrus health management.

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