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Area-Wide Management of Insect Pests

Over the last several decades, considerable progress has been made steadily in the development and applicability of the area-wide approach (AWA) for the suppression and control of some key insect pests. There have been several well-established programs adopting the holistic approach to control and manage total pest population, such as: the use of sterile insect technique in eliminating screw-worm from North America and fruit flies from Hawaii, USA and Okinawa, Japan; the widely-used male annihilation and poisoned food baits for controlling fruit flies; and the use of pheromones for the mass trapping and mating disruption of key lepidopteron, among others. The AWA should be explored further, with emphasis on plant insect pests, in terms of its applicability particularly as integrated into management programs for some key insect pests by small-scale farmers.
As improved technologies in AWA and control practices have been progressing steadily, it is highly important to continuously share and exchange pest management and control strategies among participating countries through proactive updating of information on this approach. This symposium intends to provide a forum to share past experiences and exchange information on current status and successful practices on area-wide approach as integrated into insect pest management, which will be particularly useful to farmers in the region.
The symposium will be categorized into two distinct activities: the paper presentation and deliberations; and the field study tour. The presentations will consist of keynote speeches, resource papers / case studies, country paper presentations and poster presentations. Two distinguished experts on the subject matter will be invited to present keynote speeches, intended to set the basis for discussion of major issues and concerns related to area-wide management of plant insect pests. Several experts from different countries will then serve as resource persons to present recent trends and approaches, as well as technological developments in AWA of insect pests. Country paper presentations are expected to provide a feature picture of the status and challenges on AWA in their respective countries. A field study tour will be followed to observe Japan’s efforts in AWA.
Issues to be addressed:
a. Recent trends and approaches in AWA;
b. Current situation of fruit flies, sweet potato weevils, wireworm, and other agricultural targeted insect pests, especially their economic importance and crop production impact / risk;
c. Improved area-wide management and control techniques/measures being developed and practical application of the technologies such as integration with augmentative biological control, mating disruption, or other environment-friendly measures;
d. Prospect for the development and extension of AWA and control practices that can be adopted by individual farmers, particularly small-scale holders; and
e. Exchange of expertise and research essential to AWA aiming to reach a free status of damage from the target pests.


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